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Netkiosk Standard Netkiosk Desktop Lock Netkiosk-CS
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Netkiosk turns any Windows PC or Tablet into a flexible, secure and easy to control Kiosk device in minutes. 
Trusted by Government, Business and Education world-wide. See some of the Netkiosk Users
Free limited customization, Free Support, Free updates and Free upgrades.
Securing your computer and bringing limited network access to other users are mandatory tasks when you leave your PC in a public space. Putting a PC in public spaces requires you to improve your computer security and limit the access to specific directories and files. You need to implement some secure tools and policies to protect both the PC and the network. Netkiosk installs in minutes, leaves you in control and instantly locks down the PC into kiosk mode and ready for public access.

Netkiosk is a practical and effective software solution that helps you to secure and lock down your computer.
By using Netkiosk Standard you have the possibility to control browser options, lock a specific homepage and secure any computer from public access. Simply set the URL addresses that can be accessed and restrict the ones with inappropriate content.
You need to ensure that people who use your computer can’t change your settings, remove or add applications or worse, download malware and infected files that can seriously damage your computer. 

Tabbed Browser or Information Kiosk Mode.
Other features such as touch screen keyboards and content filters, give you powerful and flexibility Kiosk Software. 
As administrator you can control user access, as well as adjust the Netkiosk features to suit you, and your users. 

Using Netkiosk you can keep the physical security of your kiosk and network in mind. You are able to restrict the access to specific webpages, directories and even applications. This way, you can rest assured that the end user is not able to access restricted areas.

Netkiosk includes free limited customization, as well as free support, free updates and free upgrades.
A lot of software often lacks the option to customize it to suit your needs. Netkiosk offers you a unique feature in the form of free customization. We can customize Netkiosk to suit your requirements and shall do our best to make sure that Netkiosk works for you

Netkiosk Features and Options
Lock down the PC using NetkioskAdvancedConfiguration. Also allows you to control your kiosk user account.
White list filter, Content Filter, Customizable Touch screen keyboard, Customizable Tabbed Browser or Information Kiosk mode
Netkiosk blocks all downloads including downloading of virusses, malware, spyware and spamware. Users can not install any programs.
Automatically clears browser history on logout or via the c
ustomizable idle time timer. Customizable bookmarks and bookmark toolbar.
Netkiosk has a portable settings file for easier admin control and configuration.

Netkiosk automatically blocks external browser such as IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and even Safari. Users have zero access to these.

Netkiosk is one of the cheapest commercial Kiosk Solutions available. 
We work hard to give you the best possible Kiosk software, while at the same time keeping prices low.

Netkiosk - Kiosk Software made Simple!

Secure  Touch Screen Custom Skins Flexible Design
Netkiosk secure lock down of your PC Netkiosk work on touch screens Netkiosk easy customization Netkiosk flexible design
Content Filter Session Control Innovation Value for Money
Netkiosk content filter Netkiosk session control Netkiosk - No.1 for innovation Netkiosk offers you value for money without compremising on quality.


Netkiosk We offer support via e-mail, Skype, online Chat, telephone or remote assistance. 
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need help configuring Netkiosk.


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