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Turn any PC into a flexible, secure and easy to control Kiosk PC in minutes. 
Trusted by Government, Education and business world wide. 
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Why use Netkiosk? 
Netkiosk Standard is a practical and effective software solution that helps you to secure and lock down your computer with dual admin control.
By using Netkiosk you have the possibility to control browser options, lock a specific homepage and secure any computer from public access.
Simply set the URL addresses that can be accessed and restrict the ones with inappropriate content.
You want to be sure that your users are not able to access other resources than the ones you have allowed.
You have the possibility to hide specific buttons and configure Netkiosk for your users to suit your needs. 
You can easily adjust the tabbed browser or information kiosk mode via the easy to configure admin panel.
Using Netkiosk Standard or Netkiosk Desktop Lock can help you control the physical security of your kiosk and network and give you peace of mind. 
By restricting access to specific web pages, directories and even applications the end user is not able to access restricted areas.
Netkiosk Standard - INFO
Tabbed Browser - Information Kiosk Mode - Touch Screen Keyboard.
Easy to configure Tabbed browser  or Information Kiosk mode.
Admin controlled Tabs, pop-up Windows, Menubars, buttons and user options.
Whitelist web sites - Control website and Internet access.
Content filter - Block websites or keywords.
Safety - Clear user browser sessions - Built in idle time timer.
Includes Netkiosk Desktop (INFO)
Netkiosk Desktop Lock. - INFO
Give access to 1 or more programs in a secure environment.
Quickly secure the PC and restrict user access via a custom Netkiosk desktop.
Simple configuration to leave you in control.
Netkiosk Desktop Lock does not totally reconfigure your Windows PC.
Give users access to MS Office (or similar) or Document Viewer.
Includes the full version of Netkiosk Standard browser
Built in touch screen keyboard, including keysmapping xml templates. (More info on the help page)
Automatically restricts access to IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera while Netkiosk Desktop Lock runs.
Netkiosk Options and Benefits
Netkiosk installs in minutes and does not reconfigure your Windows PC. Netkiosk works with Windows to secure your PC.
Free support, regular updates, free upgrades and free, limited customization to help you get the most out of Netkiosk.
Netkiosk is one of the cheapest most flexible Kiosk Software solutions for business.
Securely restrict and control Public, Customer, Staff or Kids PC's and Internet access.

Download a fully working Trial 
You can download a fully working Trial to see if Netkiosk will benefit you and your users.
You can download the Trial versions from our Download page.

Please check the Netkiosk Versions page for pricing information and price comparison.

Kiosk Software - Netkiosk. Trusted by Government, Education and Businesses world wide.

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