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Extract from the PCWorld review "If you’re operating on a stricter budget, try the excellent Netkiosk.... "

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Kiosk Software - Netkiosk. The No.1 Free Education Kiosk Software.

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  • New Jersey State Library
  • Arizona State University
  • Higher College of Technology
  • City of Berkely
  • King Saud University
  • Minnesota Gov
  • Sheridan School District
  • Croatian Academic And Research Network
  • NHS UK
  • Canadian University College
  • Austar
  • Carphone Warehouse
  • North Ottawa Community Health System
  • Canadian University College
  • Indiana University
  • Department of Management Services Florida
  • HP (GMBH)
  • University of Houston
  • University Connecticut
  • Universitat Politecnica De Valencia
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