Netkiosk Desktop Lock (Tray Version / Netkiosk Secured) is included with Netkiosk Desktop Lock

Netkiosk - PC Security made Simple.
 Where can I use Netkiosk Security Software?
Netkiosk is designed with flexibility in mind and can be used by anyone in any location. Whether you need to secure public access kiosks, staff PC's, or even your home PC. Each Netkiosk version works with the existing Windows security features to give you full control at the click of a button without reconfiguring your system. 
 Which Netkiosk version is best for me?
Netkiosk Standard  - Secure your PC. Secure Kiosk Browser. more information
Secure your operating system and restrict website access using a secure browser. Runs in tabbed browser or information kiosk mode with multiple configuration options.
Netkiosk Desktop Lock - Secure your PC. Restrict PC, Website and Program Access. more information
Multiple options to instantly secure a PC and give access to only a few programs, block Windows menus or program menus and restrict web browsing or PC access with a few clicks. Simple setup and configuration. Includes two separate versions to give you control and choice. You can simply use whichever version suits your needs and requirements.

 Is Netkiosk difficult to install or use?

Can I lock down and secure a PC in kiosk mode? Click and Done!

Can I stop users opening websites I have not allowed? Click and Done!

Can I stop users opening programs I have not allowed? Click and Done!

Can I stop users opening certain folders on the PC? Click and Done!

I am busy so can I do all this in just a few minutes?  Click and Done!

  • Can you show me how easy this really is? Please watch the Video or the install Help pages.
  • All Netkiosk versions are designed with simplicity in mind.
  • And if you still need help we can assist you via e-mail, remote assistance, skype or telephone (We'll call you)
  • Or you can use our brand new Netkiosk forum.
Affordable Security and Kiosk Software  
1 device: $19.99 - 5 devices: $14.99 - 20 devices: $9.99 - 30 devices: $4.99 (*Price = license per device per year) Prices

 We can test and configure Netkiosk for you. Free of charge. Contact us
We know that configuring a PC for kiosk use can sometimes be a little complicated. This is where you can use us.
Simply send us some information where, and how, you want to use Netkiosk. The setup you would like, including the homepage you want to use. We will test and configure Netkiosk for you, and send you a pre-set configuration file or custom installation. All you then need to do is install and run Netkiosk. We'll explain how we did it so you can easily replicate it. You don't even have to download the trial. We offer this service totally free of charge. If we can't help you we'll explain it and, hopefully, save you time. 

You can use the detailed inquiry contact form on the download trial page or the Contact us form.

 Does Netkiosk change my PC settings permanently? No.
All blocking and access restrictions are only activated when Netkiosk runs. Our unique code allows Netkiosk to control the PC instantly. When you close Netkiosk via admin panel you have full access and Netkiosk blocking activation is instantly stopped. When you start Netkiosk blocking is instantly activated. You can auto start Netkiosk from another Windows user.

 Why should I choose Netkiosk for my business?
Netkiosk is the preferred security software solution for many Government Departments and organizations around the world. The power to customize as well as dedicated support, and a competitive price structure, often makes Netkiosk the preferred choice. This does not mean Netkiosk is perfect, but we will keep working hard until it is.
 How secure is Netkiosk? And can I run Google Chrome in complete and ultra secure kiosk mode?
Netkiosk with Chrome in secured kiosk mode was used at the December 2015 Spanish Elections on a few thousand devices, so we think it works ok. See Netkiosk in action in the video at 58 seconds.
 The full source code and solution are included. Unlimited control over Netkiosk.

Control is peace of mind. The Netkiosk source code and solution are included with each of the, paid for, Netkiosk versions.
Unlimited control and freedom to customize Netkiosk to suit your needs and requirements.

Benefits: Modify the Netkiosk source code and solution. Add your own add-ons to Netkiosk and more.
Future updates included. We will 
continue to improve Netkiosk. You will have automatic access to any Netkiosk code we add in the future.
Save valuable time and money. Netkiosk is the result of 4+ years of constant development and customer feedback.
Having complete access to this valuable information hopefully saves you a lot of time, effort, and money.
Source code support. We'll guide you through the code to make sure you get the full benefits out of Netkiosk.
Restrictions: The Netkiosk source code and solution are provided to give full control over Netkiosk. You may not sell the Netkiosk source code to a third party customer. You may not use any part of the Netkiosk source code to build, or add to, software that is either sold or given to a third party customer. All original Netkiosk source code will remain the property of Netkiosk and jtmkiosksystems. Any additional code you add will have your own copyright terms and conditions. The terms "Copyright © 2011-2016  -  jtmkiosksystems  -" must remain part of the program. Other terms and conditions may apply.
Why not open source? Netkiosk is 100% free of any advertising. We do not charge for support. We only earn an income through license sales. We have not yet found a solution to earn money while giving Netkiosk away for free. If you have a solution to solve this small, but important, problem we gladly hear from you. 

Collaborate with us

You can use the Netkiosk forum to collaborate with us, with other customers or with other developers to help make Netkiosk better for everyone.
Designed by you. Build by  Netkiosk. Together we make Netkiosk work.
A special thank you to Dylan Wood from in Texas who use Netkiosk in several locations and across system networks. Dylan has been instrumental in helping us with stringent testing, and to provide valuable input to the new and improved version of Netkiosk Desktop Lock. We worked closely with Dylan during the development and we are confident that Netkiosk Desktop Lock, as well as other Netkiosk versions, will also benefit your organization. A special thank you to some of our other customers who have been instrumental in the development of Netkiosk Desktop Lock, and who use Netkiosk on a large number of devices in several locations. Steven Conn (NHS England) and Kim Thompson - Demoteller USA. There are of course many other customers whose valuable input has made Netkiosk what it is today.
Secure the Operating System Reduce IT maintenance Increase security  Safe Internet access Increase Productivity. 

Netkiosk - PC Security made Simple!

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PC Security made Simple!

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