Netkiosk. The No.1 Free Education Kiosk Software. (Netkiosk is also Free for Government) 
Turn any PC into a secure and easy to control Kiosk PC in minutes.
Whitelist Sites, Content Filter, Protected admin panel, Touch screen keyboards, Run a single Program.
Trusted by Education, Government and Businesses world wide. See Netkiosk users

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Why use Netkiosk?

Where can I use Netkiosk?
Universities, Schools, Public Locations, Government buildings, Libraries, Companies or anywhere else where a secure PC is a must.
What can I do with Netkiosk?
Turn any Windows PC into a secure Kiosk PC in minutes.
Allow access to just 1 website or webpage.
Block access to other browsers.
Built idle time reset timer.
Integrated touch screen keyboard. (admin can enable or disable these if not needed)
Run, and allow access to a single program.

Unique whitelist option. 
Allow access to just a single page or entire website, and 4 extra sites if needed, and restrict all other Internet access.
The unique Netkiosk whitelist feature automatically blocks links that lead to external sites. (including links behind ad banners)
Content filters that work in any language. 
Add websites and keywords to the content filter instantly.
Customizable "Blocked" html page to show your users why access has been blocked.
The integrated content filter is a must in any public location.
Flexible Secure Desktop. Run and allow access to a single program. (Available in Netkiosk Desktop Lock)
Give your users access to a single program or programs and restrict access to other areas of the PC.
Configure Netkiosk instantly without restarting the PC.
Run Netkiosk from a limited user account.
Run Netkiosk in shell mode for ultra security. (Integrated in the latest Netkiosk version.)
Control Ctrl+Alt+Del access for optimum security. 
Regular updates and Free support.
We combine customer feedback with our own ideas to constantly improve Netkiosk.
Major update releases are announced separately via the News/Updates page.

  • Tasmania Educational Department
  • Carphone Warehouse
  • State of South Carolina
  • University of Connecticut
  • HP (GMBH)
  • NHS UK
  • Higher Colleges of Education UAE
  • UK Research and Education Network
  • University West Sweden
  • Scoca Information Technology Center
  • Thirty One Gifts USA
  • Netkiosk users
  • Indiana University
  • Kaunas University of Technology
  • University California
  • Department of Management Services Florida
  • Depaul University
  • Sheridan School District
  • Canadian University College
  • Flowers Direct USA
  • Tiago Downs Casino
  • Worcester Polytechnic University
  • Arkansas Research and Education Optical Network
  • City of Hanford
  • King Saud University Saudi Arabia.
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Extract from the PCWorld review
"Install kickass kiosk software"
"If you’re operating on a stricter budget, try the excellent Netkiosk, a free utility that you can use to lock down a PC for public use in a small business, a big house, or a local school"

Softpedia Editor's Review for Netkiosk Standard


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