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Netkiosk turns any PC into a flexible, secure and easy to control Kiosk PC in minutes. 
Trusted by Government, Education and business world-wide. See some of the Netkiosk Users
Free limited customization, Free Support, Free updates and Free upgrades.
Why use Netkiosk? 
Netkiosk installs in minutes, does not reconfigure your Windows PC, and leaves you in control. 
Netkiosk uses advanced features to instantly lock down the PC into kiosk mode and ready for public access.
With the flexible, and easy to control, admin panel you can configure Netkiosk to suit your needs.
When you close Netkiosk via the secure admin panel, the PC is instantly unlocked into non kiosk mode.
Other features such as built-in touch screen keyboards,  and content filters, give you the control and flexibility needed when using Kiosk Software.
All Netkiosk versions work in any language. Only the Admin Panels are in English. You can change the user buttons to your own language.
Netkiosk is a trusted brand.
Support from some of the key Government Departments in the USA, as well as support and feedback from some of the world's largest corporations, including valued feedback from Netkiosk customers has allowed Netkiosk to become a key player in the Kiosk Software market place within just a few years. The different Netkiosk versions are the result of more than 5000 programming hours and our tireless dedication to make Netkiosk better.
Netkiosk offers you a unique option in the form of free customization, as well as free support, free updates and free upgrades.
We know that configuring and securing of, sometimes a large number of PC's, for public access, is not done in a few minutes.
A lot of software often lacks the option to customize it to suit your needs. Netkiosk offers you a unique feature in the form of free customization.
We can customize Netkiosk to suit your requirements and shall do our best to make sure that Netkiosk works for you.
Netkiosk Kiosk power and flexibility.
As administrator you have a variety of options to control user access, as well as adjust the Netkiosk features to suit you, and your users.
Netkiosk is available in 3 different versions. All designed with flebility and control in mind.
  1. Netkiosk Standard - Lock the PC into kiosk mode, and run a flexible and secure kiosk browser (Tabbed or Info Kiosk).
  2. Netkiosk Desktop Lock-  Especially designed to run any program in secure Kiosk mode, and includes the full version of Netkiosk Standard.
  3. Netkiosk-CS - Our brand new flexible Kiosk version which uses the Chromium Browser engine.

Why not try Netkiosk today?  And hopefully Netkiosk is the Kiosk Software solution you have been looking for.
Special discount offer valid until 7th March 2015.  Netkiosk Standard: 4+ Licenses, $14.99 per license. Netkiosk Desktop Lock: 4+ Licenses, $24.99 per license. We work hard to make Netkiosk better while at the same time saving you money.



Secure  Touch Screen Custom Skins Flexible Design
Content Filter Session Control Innovation Value for Money


We offer support via e-mail, Skype, online Chat, telephone or remote assistance. 
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need help configuring Netkiosk.


Kiosk Software - Netkiosk - Trusted By Government, Business and Education World Wide.

  • Hotels and Leisure - Kimpton Hotels
  • Education - King Saudi University Saudi Arabia
  • Retail - Amodoro Germany
  •  Government Departments - Illinois Government
  • Public Transport - PTV Victoria Australia

Some of the Government Departments and organisations that put their trust in us and Netkiosk - VIEW MORE HERE


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