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Netkiosk turns any PC into a flexible, secure and easy to control Kiosk PC in minutes. 
Trusted by Government, Business and Education world-wide. See some of the Netkiosk Users
Free limited customization, Free Support, Free updates and Free upgrades.
Why use Netkiosk? 
Netkiosk installs in minutes, does not reconfigure your Windows PC, and leaves you in control. 
Netkiosk uses advanced features to instantly lock down the PC into kiosk mode and ready for public access.
With the flexible, and easy to control, admin panel you can configure Netkiosk to suit your needs.
When you close Netkiosk via the secure admin panel, the PC is instantly unlocked into non kiosk mode.
Other features such as built-in touch screen keyboards,  and content filters, give you the control and flexibility needed when using Kiosk Software.
All Netkiosk versions work in any language. Only the Admin Panels are in English. You can change many Netkiosk options to your own language.

We keep up to date, and implement the latest technology.
We use the very latest browing technologies inside Netkiosk. Netkiosk Standard is fully IE 11 compatible.
On the 8th of January 2015 Netkiosk-CS became the world's first Chromium powered Commercial Kiosk Software solution.
Netkiosk is a trusted brand.
Support from some of the key Government Departments in the USA, as well as support and feedback from some of the world's largest corporations, including valued feedback from Netkiosk customers has allowed Netkiosk to become a key player in the Kiosk Software market place within just a few years. The different Netkiosk versions are the result of more than 5000 programming hours and our tireless dedication to make Netkiosk better.
Netkiosk offers you a unique option in the form of free customization, as well as free support, free updates and free upgrades.
We know that configuring and securing of, sometimes a large number of PC's, for public access, is not done in a few minutes.
A lot of software often lacks the option to customize it to suit your needs. Netkiosk offers you a unique feature in the form of free customization.
We can customize Netkiosk to suit your requirements and shall do our best to make sure that Netkiosk works for you.
Netkiosk Kiosk power and flexibility.
As administrator you have a variety of options to control user access, as well as adjust the Netkiosk features to suit you, and your users.
Netkiosk is available in 3 different versions. All designed with flebility and control in mind.

A few Questions and answers that might help you choose a Netkiosk version.
Question(s). I want to lock down the PC and give my users access to a flexible admin controlled kiosk browser.
I also want to restrict which websites my users can access. I want to be able to configure all aspects of the browser and secure the settings with a password. 
I might want to run the kiosk browser in tabbed browser mode or run my websites in secure full screen kiosk mode.
Answer : Netkiosk Standard will do all this for you, and more. (Netkiosk Standard does not allow users to run programs.)
Question: I want to lock down the PC and give access to only one or more programs?
I might also want to give users access to the secure Netkiosk Standard browser.
Answer: Netkiosk Desktop Lock or  Netkiosk Desktop Lock 2015 will be most suitable for you.
Question: I need a kiosk browser that I can run in tabbed or information kiosk mode and that can be launched via the command prompt or run in a terminal server environment or Microsoft Virtual App Environment.
Answer: Netkiosk-CS - Our unique flexible Chromium powered Kiosk version will do all that for you

Question:  Can I try Netkiosk to see if it will be the Kiosk Software that I am looking for?
Answer: Yes, of course, you can download the Free trial and try Netkiosk for as long as you like.
And all Netkiosk trial versions are without limitations. Except for changing the admin username and password.

Question: OK, so what about support or if I need any help?
Answer: All support if Free of charge and we will do our best to help you and answer any questions you may have.
We will assist and help you via e-mail, telephone or even via remote access
We also have extensive Help pages to get you started. 
One final Question: If I want to have something added or changed in Netkiosk to suit my needs is that possible?
Answer: Yes, that is what makes Netkiosk unique. Netkiosk offers Free limited customization and this is also Free of charge. 

Sorry I almost forgot. One more final question? Who uses Netkiosk at present?  Is this Software reliable and safe to install?
Answer: Well, you can take a look at the bottom of this  webpage to see some of our customers. Or at our Netkiosk users Snap Shot.
And if you are still unsure we'll be more then happy to give you contact details of some of our customers, and you can ask them yourself.
Netkiosk has been designed to help you secure your PC's and reduce maintenance time. Netkiosk is of course 100% spamware, adware and spyware free. We would not have this many important customers otherwise!

Ok. So what is the catch? Free Support, Free updates, Free Upgrades and even Free limited customization. Surely there must be a catch?
Answer: Well, there isn't. Why not?  Well, for us this is simple. We are passionate about Netkiosk, and the past two years, vital feedback and comments from customers, small and large, has helped us to improve Netkiosk. And knowing that Netkiosk works for our customers helps us to focus on new features, which make Netkiosk better for our customers. Besides all that communicating with customers shows us that customers appreciate the work we do. After all, we started with Netkiosk to solve some of the problems our customers had, and we enjoy the results we have had so far.
Regarding our pricing policy. We often sell volume licenses to large organisations, which allows us to keep prices low for everyone. 

We also believe in realistic value for money.(Some Kiosk software can cost more then a full Windows 7/8 license!)
So what do I do next? We hope you like what you have seen so far and will give Netkiosk a try. And if you do not like it you can always uninstall. 
You can read more detailed information about each Netkiosk version on the versions or product page including detailed screenshots.
You can download the version you like from the Trial page. Please make sure you check the system requirements.

Some news
We have released a brand new version, Netkiosk Desktop Lock 2015 - More information in News/Updates or the product page
Netkiosk Desktop Lock 2015 is included with each license of Netkiosk Desktop Lock, giving you two different version

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Netkiosk content filter Netkiosk session control Netkiosk - No.1 for innovation Netkiosk offers you value for money without compremising on quality.


Netkiosk We offer support via e-mail, Skype, online Chat, telephone or remote assistance. 
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need help configuring Netkiosk.

Netkiosk - Kiosk Software made Simple!


Some of the Government Departments and organisations that put their trust in us and Netkiosk - VIEW MORE HERE

Hitachi Data Systems Amneal Pharmaceuticals StanleyBlack&Decker KimptonHotels&Restaurants State of Illinois
Kinegram Supreme Court Florida Department of Management Services Florida US Department of the Interior House of Representative Florida
Logitech HP Austar NHS England Carphone Warehouse
Associated Credit Union Pacific Crest Federal Credit Union Insight Credit Union NJ State Library Danish Business Authority
Sheetz Amcor Jochen Schweizer Glazier Foods Company
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