Netkiosk imperi Pro

Professional kiosk software for Windows 11, 10, 7, XP, IOT and MacOS.

Leading kiosk software development through innovation since 2011. Built for today. Designed for tomorrow.

Netkiosk helps to increase the PC users security and privacy.
No spyware, no tracking, no logging, no browser history, no downloading.
When your public access PCs security is vital Netkiosk is a must have solution in your IT security toolbox.
Helping customers to protect public access PCs since 2011.

Powered by Microsoft and Chromium

“Netkiosk is a must-have kiosk App in your IT security toolbox.”

Netkiosk imperi Pro download options.

The zip file will give you the program and everything it needs directly in one simple folder.
We can not make it any smaller as 90% of the program is taken up by the Cefsharp files that run the custom Chromium browser.
The libef.dll files you’ll find in X86 and X64 folder are already 363mb and without them the Chromium browser used by NetkioskimperiPro simply won’t work.
If you are looking for a smaller program take a look at our ChromeKiosk version.
Although you still need to have Google Chrome installed to use ChromeKiosk.

Netkiosk imperi Pro Setup installation.
Download the setup program if you do not want to use the folder option.

You can still download the older NetkioskSetup installation program below.
Keep in mind that the complete folder zip above contains new updates that are not available in the older version.
They are “NetkioskCtrlAltDel” and the new “show-touchkeyboard” helper.
However, the older version was uploaded November 2023 so it is not that old.

After you have downloaded the zip file extract it and run the NetkioskSetup.exe to install Netkiosk.

Read the general Netkiosk FAQ Here

Please keep in mind that the trial automatically closes after 30 minutes and the PC will be fully unlocked back to normal. So please do NOT use the trial in a public environment. But we have now added a more flexible option to extend the trial completely free by 72 hours. You can read how to extend the trial for free at the bottom of this page.

Your users privacy and your PC security guaranteed.

Admin quick guide slideshow

Kiosk App Admin Settings.
Admin Settings
Step 1: Access admin settings.

Open admin settings from the settings icon. The 3 lines on the top menu bar. You can also click in the bottom left corner of the screen to open the login screen.

Step 2: Click login to enter admin settings.

This is the default login screen when no pin is set in settings by admin. The next slide shows the login screen after a pin has been set in settings.

Admin Login Default
Kiosk App Admin Settings.
Admin Settings
Step 1: Enter admin pin

To open settings enter your admin pin. Login to open admin settings. This login screen only shows if a pin has been set in settings by admin.

Step 2: Pin is empty by default.

Use the number pad to enter your pin. Pin is securely stored on your PC. Click login to enter settings.

Netkiosk Login
Admin Pin
Admin Settings
Step 1. Set your admin pin

Set your admin pin using the number pad. Admin can change the pin at any time. The pin is securely stored on the PC.

Step 2. Enable and set the reset timer.

Users can manually clear browsing history and cookies. Or you can do it for them. See the imperi page for detailed instructions.

Netkiosk Admin Pin and reset timer.
Admin Settings
Step 1. Set your default Home page.

Enter your website url. This usually is the only website that users can access. You can turn the website filter to ON if you don't have a firewall.

Step 2. Enable White list and content filter.

You can enable the white list and content filter to block entire websites or keywords. You will find detailed instructions on the imperi kiosk page.

Netkiosk admin panel
Browser Layout
Admin Settings
Kiosk App browser layout.

Turn on full screen display kiosk mode if you do not want your user to use the tabbed kiosk browser. In display kiosk mode all menu bars are hidden, ideal for interactive display kiosks.

Floating menu bar.

You have the option to show the floating navigation panel. This may be useful if you run the Kiosk App without menu bars. Touch screen keyboards are, of course, also available.

Netkiosk Layout Switch
Admin Settings
Bookmark menu bar.

You can enable the bookmark menu bar and give access to extra websites. Admin can edit the websites and names here.

Add bookmark names to white list.

If the white list is enabled (First Tab). Make sure you add the bookmark site names to your white list also. See the imperi kiosk page how to do this.

Netkiosk Bookmarks
Kiosk App OSK
Admin Settings
Kiosk osk, Windows osk or custom osk

You can enable access to the Kiosk App osk, the Windows osk, or even your own osk.

Custom osk

You use your own osk and the Kiosk App will use it.

Finally. Full setup instructions.

You will find additional images and detailed settings instructions on the imperi kiosk page.

touch screen interactive kiosk mode.
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Kiosk App Admin Settings.
Kiosk App Admin Settings.
Admin Pin
Browser Layout
Kiosk App OSK
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Netkiosk Layout Switch
Netkiosk Bookmarks
touch screen interactive kiosk mode.
shut down Netkiosk

Extend the trial for free by 72 hours.