Windows kiosk mode made simple!

Windows 10 kiosk mode versus Netkiosk kiosk mode.

Windows kiosk mode and PC lockdown made simple.

What can I do with Netkiosk imperi kiosk mode software?
With Netkiosk imperi you can instantly lock down your PCs into secure kiosk mode and give access to a built-in custom and secure Chromium powered kiosk browser.

What kiosk browser does Netkiosk imperi use?
We have developed our own custom Chromium kiosk browser. This browser is very similar to the one used by Google Chrome. Google Chrome is powered by a custom version of Chromium. Our browser is also powered by our own custom version of Chromium with the focus on being a secure kiosk browser. The benefit is that you can customize our chromium browser to benefit you and your users.

Why use Netkiosk imperi instead of Netkiosk Standard?
Some websites are developed for Chrome while some are developed for IE. Some companies therefore prefer to use Google chrome powered websites.
As our browser is powered by a custom version of Chromium your website should work the same in Netkiosk imperi as it does in Google Chrome. The difference is that with imperi your website runs in custom secure kiosk mode while at the same time instantly locking down your PC to create a secure kiosk environment.

Netkiosk imperi history.
Netkiosk imperi was developed by us using our own custom version of Chromium. The initial development of our custom chromium kiosk browser took us 6+ months. At Netkiosk we have been developing kiosk software solutions since 2011.

Quick overview
  • Professional kiosk software.
  • Secure chromium powered kiosk browser.
  • Fully integrated lock down functions.
  • Compatible with Windows XP (SP3), Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows NT and Windows 10.
  • Users can only browse to web sites admin has allowed.
  • The user cannot close the App. Only admin can close the App.
  • Downloading is blocked.
  • Users cannot open other browsers while Netkiosk runs.
  • Task manager is blocked while Netkiosk runs.
  • In normal mode the top tool bar shows without tabs.
  • In display kiosk mode all browser menu bars are hidden.
  • Admin can instantly unlock the PC out of kiosk mode.
  • Secure password protected admin panel.
  • Admin can change the layout and restrict website access.
  • Admin can give access to custom bookmarks.
  • Netkiosk imperi 2020 is developed using the Chromium open source project.

Netkiosk imperi 2020 system requirements.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS (Contact us if you need help.)

Please refer to the install help page.
Netkiosk imperi requires some important Microsoft Windows extras to run properly.
The direct download links to these Microsoft downloads are on our install help page.

Netkiosk imperi screen shots.
Bing running in Netkiosk imperi 2020. Tabbed browser in windows kiosk mode.
You can, of course, change the home page in Netkiosk admin panel.

Netkiosk imperi. Windows kiosk mode
Netkiosk imperi full screen display in windows kiosk mode.
Netkiosk imperi admin panel.
Netkiosk imperi admin panel admin username and password and idle time setup.
Netkiosk imperi home page and whitelist and content filter.

Netkiosk imperi browser layout and floating menu bar.
Tabbed browser kiosk mode or full screen display kiosk mode.

Netkiosk imperi custom bookmarks menu.
Netkiosk imperi toolbar and menu icons.
Netkiosk imperi osk and touch screen keyboard options.
Netkiosk imperi settings options.
Netkiosk imperi info kiosk mode and custom touch screen keyboard.
Netkiosk imperi info kiosk mode and Windows touch screen keyboard.
Netkiosk imperi admin panel access.
How to open admin panel.
  1. To access Netkiosk imperi admin panel you simply press the settings icon in the top right hand corner.
  2. On first install when admin panel opens simply click Login.
  3. To open admin panel in full screen display kiosk mode see below.
  4. You can also press Alt+F5 or Ctrl+i
How to open admin panel when running Netkiosk imperi in full screen display kiosk mode.
  1. Click in the bottom left hand corner to open admin panel. There is an invisible button in the bottom left corner.
  2. You can also press in this area when using a touch screen.
  3. You can also press Alt+F5 or Ctrl+i

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