Netkiosk Khroma
Netkiosk Khroma.

Google Chrome secure kiosk mode with Netkiosk Khroma from Netkiosk.
“Netkiosk Khroma makes Google Chrome in kiosk mode child’s play.”

Netkiosk Khroma
Netkiosk Khroma
Netkiosk Khroma
Netkiosk Khroma

Netkiosk Khroma is a stand-alone Windows application that runs Google Chrome in secure kiosk mode. In this mode, users are restricted to accessing only specific websites that you allow. It’s commonly used for digital signage, interactive displays, and other single-purpose scenarios. If you need more control, there’s also a Netkiosk Khroma Pro version available for commercial use. The name was recently changed from ChromeKiosk to Netkiosk Khroma to align with other products, but the functionality remains the same. To open the admin settings, press Ctrl+i or Ctrl+Shift+k. And if you ever need to close Netkiosk Khroma and unlock your PC instantly, just click the UNLOCK PC button.

Netkiosk Khroma quick summary:

  1. Security: It runs Google Chrome in a secure kiosk mode, which restricts users to specific websites you allow. This is ideal for scenarios like digital signage or interactive displays where you want controlled access.
  2. Ease of Use: The interface is straightforward, making it easy to set up and manage. You can quickly configure allowed websites and customize settings.
  3. Stability: Netkiosk Khroma provides a stable environment for running Chrome. It minimizes the risk of accidental changes or unauthorized browsing.
  4. Pro Version: If you need additional features for commercial use, there’s a Netkiosk Khroma Pro version available.

What Microsoft says: Netkiosk Khroma depends on your specific use case and requirements.

Download Netkiosk Khroma

Download Khroma from our Google drive folder.

Download Khroma

Direct download link:

(Just 2.90 MB in size. )
Download > Unzip > Run.

We have moved some or our downloads to Google drive for better security and reliability.

View other Netkiosk downloads on our Google drive folder.

You can find the settings help information below.
Use the Netkiosk help page for system requirements.

Google Chrome secure kiosk mode made simple.

“Netkiosk Khroma makes Google Chrome in kiosk mode child’s play.”

Netkiosk Khroma admin settings quick setup guide.

We have kept the admin settings of Netkiosk Khroma as simple as possible without compromising security. Netkiosk Khroma runs completely stand-alone. The unique PC lock down settings are built inside. This means that ZERO Windows OS settings are changed.

How to open admin settings?

To open admin settings press Ctrl+i or Ctrl+Shift +k. On touch screen devices without a physical keyboard simply open the Windows Touch keyboard, change the layout to wide mode to show the Ctrl key and then Press Ctrl+i or Ctrl+Shift+k to open admin settings.

How to close Netkiosk Khroma and unlock my PC instantly.

Open admin settings using Ctrl+i or Ctrl+Shift+k. Click The UNLOCK PC Button. The UNLOCK PC button closes Khroma and unlocks the PC instantly back to your windows desktop. There is absolutely no need to log off or restart the PC.

Netkiosk Khroma is a stand-alone Windows application that has the PC lock down features built-in. So when the admin closes Netkiosk Khroma the PC is instantly unlocked. But when Netkiosk Khroma runs it is impossible for a user to access any other areas of the PC. The user is only allowed to use Google Chrome in kiosk mode and only visit the website set by admin and nothing else.

And that is all.

Netkiosk Khroma is an easy to use complete kiosk software solution to run Google Chrome in secure kiosk mode while at the same time instantly locking down the PC into kiosk mode.

Netkiosk Khroma requirements

What Windows versions does Netkiosk Khroma work on?

Netkiosk Khroma works best on Windows 10 and 11. Netkiosk Khroma requires no installation. Netkiosk Khroma runs stand-alone and is super small at just 3 MB. You can run Netkiosk Khroma from any location on the PC. Netkiosk Khroma has super simple settings but is ultra secure. Netkiosk Khroma is also 100% touch screen compatible.

Netkiosk Khroma won’t start the first time. What’s wrong?

If Netkiosk Khroma does not run properly the first time after you’ve installed it you will need to install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2. You will find the link to the Microsoft website below where you can download .NET Framework 4.7.2. We assume you have already installed Google Chrome.

You will need to have Google Chrome installed!

Netkiosk Khroma needs Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 is already installed by default on Windows 10 and 11.
Install it Netkiosk Khroma does not run properly for you the first time. NET Framework is required by Windows for any App developed using Microsoft Visual Studio. You only need to install these ones on the PC where you run Netkiosk Khroma. You can download Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 from the official Microsoft website.

Download Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 
(Opens the download page on the Microsoft website).