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Netkiosk is the only professional kiosk software for Windows with free and open source solutions.

Netkiosk turns any PC into a secure locked down kiosk PC in minutes. 
Trusted by Government, Business and Education world-wide. At Netkiosk we have developed kiosk browsers, kiosk software solutions, Android kiosk apps, PC lock down applications, program access restriction applications, Cyber security applications for PC or web and more since 2011.

What can I do with Netkiosk?
Netkiosk applications are specially designed to lock down the PC while giving users access to just one or more websites or programs and nothing else. Netkiosk prevents users from tampering with the PC while also protecting your PCs from external attackers. As administrator you have a variety of options to control user access and adjust the Netkiosk features to suit you, and your users. All Netkiosk version are designed with flexibility and control in mind.

What kind of PC hardening technologies does Netkiosk use?
Netkiosk uses advanced PC hardening settings that work in harmony with existing Microsoft Windows security settings. Netkiosk applications run on top of the Windows desktop without affecting any existing Windows settings. Netkiosk application are are designed for quick deployment on multiple PCs helping you to save valuable IT time.

What kiosk browsers does Netkiosk use?
Netkiosk imperi uses our own flexible customizable chromium powered kiosk browser.
Netkiosk Khroma is designed to lock down Google Chrome in secure kiosk mode.

Do you want to go it alone and take control over your own kiosk software application?
After 14 years we have decided to offer you some of our tried and tested kiosk software solutions as open source packages.
So far we have added one package and two options, but we will add more of our proven solutions over the next few weeks.
Due to the amount of work involved an open source solution may not be right for everyone, so we will also continue to offer our ready to use solutions and license format. We will also offer additional source code support for our open source solutions. Contact us if you have any questions.
As of June 2024 Netkiosk is the only professional kiosk software for Windows with free and open source solutions of our tried and tested programs.

Netkiosk imperi
Netkiosk imperi kiosk software.

Professional kiosk software for Windows 11 and 10 and MacOS.

Netkiosk imperi Pro fully tabbed kiosk browser or interactive display kiosk mode
Netkiosk imperi Pro has easy to use admin settings

Netkiosk Khroma
Netkiosk Khroma.

“Netkiosk Khroma makes Google Chrome in kiosk mode child’s play.”

Netkiosk Khroma
Netkiosk Khroma
Netkiosk Khroma
Netkiosk Khroma

Netkiosk Khroma is a stand-alone Windows application that runs Google Chrome in secure kiosk mode. In this mode, users are restricted to accessing only specific websites that you allow. It’s commonly used for digital signage, interactive displays, and other single-purpose scenarios. If you need more control, there’s also a Netkiosk Khroma Pro version available for commercial use. The name was recently changed from ChromeKiosk to Netkiosk Khroma to align with other products, but the functionality remains the same. To open the admin settings, press Ctrl+i or Ctrl+Shift+k. And if you ever need to close Netkiosk Khroma and unlock your PC instantly, just click the UNLOCK PC button.

Netkiosk Khroma quick summary:

  1. Security: It runs Google Chrome in a secure kiosk mode, which restricts users to specific websites you allow. This is ideal for scenarios like digital signage or interactive displays where you want controlled access.
  2. Ease of Use: The interface is straightforward, making it easy to set up and manage. You can quickly configure allowed websites and customize settings.
  3. Stability: Netkiosk Khroma provides a stable environment for running Chrome. It minimizes the risk of accidental changes or unauthorized browsing.
  4. Pro Version: If you need additional features for commercial use, there’s a Netkiosk Khroma Pro version available.

Remember that its effectiveness of Netkiosk Khroma depends on your specific use case and requirements.

Netkiosk in use by NIH
Ultra secure kiosk browser. Reliable and secure!
When safety and security are must choose Netkiosk.
Netkiosk in use by SMBC
Netkiosk is trusted by many the world over to secure and protect PCs and saveguard users data and helps to prevent avoidable headaches.
Netkiosk in use by LSE
PC securely hardened and locked down while running Netkiosk unltra secure kiosk browser.
Netkiosk and Ferrari
Netkiosk is not just secure and reliable, it’s also fast.
24/7/365 reliability are a must!

A few current (2024) Netkiosk customers. Including past Government elections where Netkiosk was used on thousands of PCs.
Netkiosk is used by government departments, education, and many companies small and large around the world.

Netkiosk customers

And a few more Netkiosk customers.

As you might well be aware a lot of software often lacks the option to customize it to suit your needs. This means that you often end up with a limited solution or having to purchase multiple solutions to cover all your requirements. This is often a time-consuming and costly exercise. With Netkiosk we hope you can avoid all this. We will work with you to create your own custom kiosk software solution. You give us your requirements, and we do the work for you. Our expertise is focused on security, browser, and PC lockdown-related solutions.

Customizing of our existing versions.
Besides our ready to use applications, we also offer customization of our existing versions. Our ready to use kiosk software versions are designed to work in most scenarios. We can quickly customize our existing versions to suits your needs and requirements.

Customizing of our existing source code.
We also offer customization and can provide you with additional code for our open source kiosk software solutions.

Custom solutions.
We can also develop a custom solution for you. By using part of our tried and tested existing code we can achieve the results you need quicker, and at a much lower cost, than if you were to have a brand new program developed from scratch.

Our background.
Over the past 13 years we have developed a variety of kiosk and security applications for our customers around the world. If off-the-shelf applications you find on our website do not suit your needs please do not hesitate to contact us. We can discuss your kiosk and security requirements with you and let you know if we can help you with these.

We focus on PC security.
At Netkiosk we have develop kiosk browsers, kiosk software solutions, Android kiosk apps, PC lock down applications, program access restriction applications, Cyber security applications for PC or web and more.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs for a custom solution. For initial inquiries please use our contact form.