Netkiosk kiosk software made simple.

Netkiosk applications are ideal in locations where you want to give users access to just one or more websites or programs and nothing else. Netkiosk is usually installed on public-access PCs but can be used in any location where you do not want users to tamper with the PC. One of the main benefits of Netkiosk is that it will increase security and privacy and will hopefully reduce your IT costs.

You can use Netkiosk in your business to show customers your website, let them browse through products while they wait, and increase your customer loyalty. You can also use Netkiosk in your school, college or library on multiple PCs. There are many other scenarios and business requirements where Netkiosk can be of benefit to you, like in a shop on a display screen, a factory to control production activity, workers kronos time clock cloud access, and many more scenarios. The list is virtually endless.

Checkout to see if ChromeKiosk or Netkiosk imperi will suit your needs.

At Netkiosk we have developed kiosk browsers, kiosk software solutions, Android kiosk apps, PC lock down applications, program access restriction applications, Cyber security applications for PC or web and more since 2011.

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Netkiosk ChromeKiosk

Chrome Kiosk mode made simple, secure, fast and customizable with ChromeKiosk.

Netkiosk imperi

Professional kiosk security software for Windows 10 and 11 and MacOS.

Who uses Netkiosk? What do others say.

A few current (2024) Netkiosk customers.
Including past Government elections where Netkiosk was used on thousands of PCs.
Netkiosk is used by government departments, education, and many companies small and large around the world.

What do some of our customer think of Netkiosk?

Customization options.

Over the past 13 years we have developed a variety of kiosk and security applications for our customers around the world. If the two applications you find on our website do not suit your needs please do not hesitate to contact us. We can discuss your kiosk and security requirements with you and let you know if we can help you with these.

At Netkiosk we have develop kiosk browsers, kiosk software solutions, Android kiosk apps, PC lock down applications, program access restriction applications, Cyber security applications for PC or web and more.

Besides our off-the-shelf applications, we also offer customization of our existing versions as well as custom kiosk software solutions. Our off the shelf kiosk software versions are designed to work in most scenarios. However they may not suit your requirements. We can develop a custom solution for you. By using part of our tried and tested existing code we can achieve the results you need quicker, and at a much lower cost, than if you were to have a brand new program developed from scratch.

As you might well be aware a lot of software often lacks the option to customize it to suit your needs. This means that you often end up with a limited solution or having to purchase multiple solutions to cover all your requirements. This is often a time-consuming and costly exercise. With Netkiosk we hope you can avoid all this. We will work with you to create your own custom kiosk software solution. You give us your requirements, and we do the work for you. Our expertise is focused on security, browser, and PC lockdown-related solutions. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs for a custom solution. For initial inquiries please use our contact form.

For company software developers.

We can provide you with tried and tested software applications ready to be customized for further development into your own application. We can also offer you ready to customize Chromium powered browsers with full source code packages, ready to customize kiosk and security applications with full source code packages or ready to customize web security applications for remote control access. With our complete tried and tested source code packages you can quickly create your own in-house proprietary solution, and we’ll be there for you all the way.