Free kiosk software for Windows 11,10, 8, 7, IoT, NT and XP.

Turn any PC into a secure and easy to control kiosk PC with our free kiosk software.

Limited budget? Our free kiosk software for windows is ideal for you. Our free Netkiosk version can be used without restrictions on any number of PCs.

With Netkiosk you can instantly turn any computer into a secure kiosk PC. Allow access to only one website and nothing else. The end user is not able to access restricted areas, while at the same time protecting the kiosk security, your Windows OS and network. With integrated white list and content filter, malware protection, antivirus and anti hack protection Netkiosk gives you peace of mind. No just for today, but every day.

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Peace of mind. Not just for today, but long term.

At Netkiosk we have specialized in designing and building kiosk and PC lock down software since 2011. During this time we have developed kiosk software solutions for Government departments and businesses that they can depend on 24/7/365. 

Support from some of the key Government Departments in the USA, as well as support and feedback from some of the world’s largest corporations, including valued feedback from Netkiosk customers has allowed Netkiosk to become a key player in the kiosk software market place.

100% free kiosk software? Really? Yes. NO ads. NO Trial.

Who else gives you a 100% free kiosk software solution for Windows? No one!
Our competition won’t like it, but we doubt you care!

Get Netkiosk

Netkiosk works on Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, XP, NT, and IoT.

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Podium lockout for free kiosk software.

Our free Netkiosk version is fully working, and can be used by anyone without restrictions.
All our versions are professional kiosk software solutions, developed with passion, dedication and commitment.

Free download.

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Install & configure.

Unlimited free use.

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Visit the Demo page for more information, screen shots and help.

Giants like McDonald’s use our free version, so it can’t be that bad.
And this is the home page McDonald’s use inside Netkiosk.
Our free version might just be perfect for you too.

Free version real screen shots and information.

Each screen shot show you exactly what the free version will look like on your PC. Click an image. Press F11 and you will get a real representation of Netkiosk kiosk mode when it is installed. Screen shots taken after we started Netkiosk on our own development PCs.

Visit the Demo page for more information, screen shots and help.

Some general questions.

Is Netkiosk easy to install? Yes.
Yes. Netkiosk only takes a few minutes to install. Watch the 2 minute installation video.

Does Netkiosk help lock down my PC?
Yes. Netkiosk has the kiosk lockdown functions built-in. Lockdown is instant, and only when Netkiosk runs. When you close Netkiosk the PC is instantly unlocked.

Does Netkiosk change my Windows OS?
No. Netkiosk is a standalone program. No Windows settings are affected. This keeps things simple.

Does Netkiosk work on all Windows versions?
Netkiosk works on any Windows version from XP (SP3) onwards. Windows 11, 10, 8, NT, IoT, 7 and XP.

How do I start Netkiosk?

You can start Netkiosk manually via the desktop icon or the start menu. Or you can enable auto start. Netkiosk will run after the Windows user logs in. Starting Netkiosk via shell mode is also possible, but this is recommended for advanced IT administrators only, as it involves knowledge of the Windows registry.

What kiosk browser does Netkiosk use?
Our custom Chromium kiosk browser. Developed in house by us. Our kiosk browser is in many ways unique.

Does Netkiosk work on touch screen devices?
Yes. Netkiosk is fully touch screen compatible. Netkiosk works on any Windows powered device.

Can I use custom touch screen keyboards?
Yes. You can use the Netkiosk OSK, Windows OSK or your own OSK.

If I uninstall Netkiosk do I need to reset my PC?
Absolutely not. You can uninstall Netkiosk in seconds. As mentioned no Windows settings are affected. The whole purpose of Netkiosk is to offer you a stand-alone kiosk application that requires no further thinking.

How do I close Netkiosk?

Only admin can change settings and close Netkiosk. When Netkiosk is closed the PC is instantly unlocked back to normal Windows mode. So no restart or log off needed. Kiosk mode lock down, and kiosk mode unlock, happens instantly when admin closes Netkiosk via secure admin panel.

Demo, screenshots, setup and configuration. More here

Approved by national security agencies and Governments.
A few of our commercial customers, some have been using Netkiosk happily for years.

Netkiosk kiosk software customers

Free limited customization and custom solutions.

Netkiosk incudes free limited customization, as well as free support, free updates and free upgrades.
A lot of software often lacks the option to customize it to suit your needs. Netkiosk offers you a unique feature in the form of free customization. We can customize Netkiosk to suit your requirements and shall do our best to make sure that Netkiosk works for you. (The free limited customization is not available with our free version.)

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