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At Netkiosk we specialize in designing and creating kiosk software solutions to suit any environment.
Besides our ready to use versions we also offer complete customization to suit your needs and requirements.



Our complete standalone Chromium powered kiosk software and PC lockdown solution. Intended for modern PCs that use Windows 10 and where a Chromium browser is needed. Will work on older Windows versions like XP or Windows 7 but requires extra Microsoft updates.

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Our complete standalone IE powered kiosk software and PC lockdown solution. Intended for older Pcs that might still use Windows XP or Windows 7 but will also work on Windows 10. Small installation file of just 5 mb.

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At Netkiosk we have specialized in providing ready to use kiosk software programs as well as complete customized solutions. Our ready to use versions can be customized to suit your needs and requirements. We can also develop complete custom PC lockdown or kiosk software solutions.

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With Netkiosk kiosk software you can secure and lock down your computer(s) and restrict access to specific web pages, directories and even applications. You can rest assured that a user is not able to access restricted areas. Netkiosk has been designed for easy deployment and a quick configuration via a secure admin control panel. With Netkiosk we have created practical and effective software solutions that can be used in any location. With Netkiosk you always keep control.


Netkiosk is simple and quick to install. You do not need to have serious IT knowledge. At Netkiosk we have developed multiple kiosk software versions to suit any possible kiosk environment. All Netkiosk versions are specially developed to work in harmony with the already built-in security features of Windows. Your Windows OS is not affected. You can instantly start Netkiosk and lock the PC to restrict user access using the settings you have made in admin panel.


Each Netkiosk version has its own build in secure admin panel from where admin can configure the settings in only a few minutes. Simply set your home page configure the content filter and whitelist and run Netkiosk. The built-in lock down features are enabled instantly. Netkiosk runs securely on top of Windows by hiding the Windows desktop, start menu and taskbar. Admin can instantly unlock the PC back into normal Windows mode. No need to log off or restart the PC.


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At Netkiosk we have specialized in designing and building kiosk software and PC lock down software since 2011. During, what is now almost 10 years, we have worked with Government Departments and businesses to offer them reliable kiosk software solutions that they can depend on 24/7/365. When we installed Netkiosk at the 2015 Spanish elections on 4000 PCs, and then again at the 2018 Ontario Canada Elections on 25000 PCs we knew we had reached a few mile stones to show customers that Netkiosk works in even in the most tested environments.


Since day one we received a lot of praise from some US governments departments who liked what we tried to do. Since then other government departments, as well as many other organizations around the world have put their trust in Netkiosk. For many years Netkiosk has been the preferred kiosk software solution of Government departments, blue chip companies and many others. So you can rest assured that Netkiosk will be just as reliable on a few PCs, and in any location.


This is simply to give you an idea who uses Netkiosk and in what type of environment.

SMBC Bank Tokyo Japan.
NIH (National Institute of Health. USA).
Various USA State and Government departments.
Marks & Spencer Stores in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Asia.
IKEA. Middle East and Asia.
LSE (LONDON), Parkers Kitchen (USA)
LaFourneeDoree. (France)
Arcor (Germany)

Elections Canada Saskatchewan 2020.
Custom Netkiosk solution on 2000 PCs.
Elections Ontario Canada. 7th June 2018.
Custom Netkiosk solution on 25000 devices.
Spanish National Elections. 20th December 2015.
Custom Netkiosk solution on 4000 devices.

Netkiosk is used by various organisations, companies, corporations and Government departments around the world.


With Netkiosk imperi kiosk software you can instantly lock down your PCs into secure kiosk mode and run a secure Chromium powered kiosk browser. When Netkiosk imperi starts it runs on top of Windows in full screen kiosk mode and hides the Windows desktop and taskbar. While at the same time critical Windows keyboard short cuts are disabled to stop the user accessing Windows files and folders. Netkiosk imperi kiosk browser and PC lock down allows you to lock down your PC and run a secure kiosk browser. Netkiosk imperi has been specially designed to run Chromium in a secure kiosk mode. Via a secure admin panel you can restrict website access with a built-in whitelist filter. Although Chrome can run in kiosk mode by default it does not give you options to secure the settings or lock down your windows devices. This is where Netkiosk imperi will benefit you. Netkiosk imperi is just one of the Netkiosk kiosk software solutions. Check our website for alternative Netkiosk versions.

Chromium powered kiosk software browser.
Secure chromium powered kiosk browser.
Fully integrated lock down functions.
Users can only browse to web sites admin has allowed.
In normal mode the top tool bar shows without tabs.
In display kiosk mode all browser menu bars are hidden.
The user cannot close the App.
Only admin can close the App.
Downloading is blocked.
Users cannot open other browsers while Netkiosk runs.

Admin can instantly unlock the PC out of kiosk mode.
Secure password protected admin panel.
Admin can change the layout and restrict website access.
Admin can give access to custom bookmarks.
Compatible with Windows XP (SP3), Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows NT and Windows 10.
You do not need to have Crome installed.
Netkiosk imperi 2020 is developed using the Chromium open source project.


So you find the software you think you might like and you decide to download it. After trying the program you find that you love this software but it does not have some of the features or options you want. Well, with Netkiosk you don’t need to look any further. We’ll customize Netkiosk for you.

So what do you do next? Look for other software?

We hope that with Netkiosk you don’t don’t have to look any further. We know that different organizations often have different software needs. This makes it pretty difficult for a software company to make one software program that simply suits everyone. And we all know that it is almost impossible to find a 100% perfect program that suits your needs 100%. This is why we can completely customize Netkiosk for you.

So what solution did we come up with?

From day one we simply decided to offer customization to all our customers. Instead of pushing our own “creative” updates to customers that they might not like or even need. We work with you to add the extra features and options you need and make sure they work for you. We will then give you this complete customized version for your organization. If in the future if you require any further changes we add these for you also. We hope this creates peace of mind knowing that we’ll always keep Netkiosk working for you.

Netkiosk customization




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Netkiosk was founded in 2011 with the aim to make Netkiosk the best and most reliable kiosk software. Customer driven innovations has helped Netkiosk to become one of the most reliable, secure, and trusted security and lock down software solutions. Constant improvements, clever innovations and valuable customer input allow us to keep Netkiosk current and reliable. This ensures that Netkiosk will work in any possible kiosk environment. On the 20th of October 2021 we launched NETPRIV privacy browser.

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