Netkiosk Free kiosk software for Windows

free kiosk mode software for windows.

Free kiosk software for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP.

Need free Windows lockdown kiosk mode software? Good! Other companies offer you (not so free!) trials.
We give you complete free kiosk software and Windows PC lockdown versions. It’s as simple as that!
Download Netkiosk, install and use on as many PCs as you want.

Download Netkiosk imperi
110 MB ZIP File
Chromium Powered Kiosk Software.
Best if you use Windows 10.
Approved and trusted by Governments, Business and Education since 2011.

Netkiosk official website notice

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While we update our new official website most pages will still redirect you to our other official site These two sites are our the only official Netkiosk websites. The secure shop for customer access and purchases will remain at for the time being. To avoid duplicate content has been temporarily removed from Google search. You can still access it direct or via



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Our official secure customer access & shop site is still at

What can I do with Netkiosk and how does it work?

What can I do with Netkiosk?

With Netkiosk you can instantly lock down your Windows PCs and restrict access to specific websites in a secure kiosk browser. With Netkiosk we have created practical and reliable software solutions that can be used in any location and in any kiosk environment.

How does Netkiosk work?

When Netkiosk starts it instantly locks down the PC and runs a custom secure kiosk browser on top of Windows. At the same time the Windows desktop and taskbar are instantly hidden and critical keyboard short cuts are disabled. You can rest assured that a user is not able to access restricted areas such as Windows files and folders, or tamper with the PC. Netkiosk is a stand-alone program and not a shell replacement. Your Windows OS is not affected in any way.

Secure admin panel.

Via a secure admin panel you can change the Netkiosk settings while Netkiosk runs. Here admin can quickly change any settings. Admin can give users access to 1 or more websites, configure the white list, content filter, custom book marks and more. All settings are applied instantly so there is no need to log off or restart the PC. Settings can even be stored remotely for multiple PC deployment.

Instant secure kiosk PC.

All the lock down features are directly build into Netkiosk. This allows you to run your website in a secure kiosk browser instantly. And, of course, admin can unlock the PC via a secure admin panel instantly also. There’s no complicated configuration needed to turn your PC into a secure kiosk PC. Netkiosk has been designed as a stand-alone software solution. This reduces the need for advanced IT skills and reduces IT time. .

Where can I use Netkiosk?

Where can I use Netkiosk free kiosk mode software for Windows

Education: You can use Netkiosk in schools colleges or universities to secure student PC’s. You can also use Netkiosk in libraries to secure visitor or members PCs.

Home use.
You can simply use Netkiosk anywhere where you want to secure a PC. Even if you work from home you can lock down your PC or laptop with Netkiosk.

Retail & Banking.

Retail: If you have a PC or tablet in your shop or retail outlet you can use Netkiosk to lock down your device(s) and give access to only one specific website.

Netkiosk is used in banks. You can also use Netkiosk in banks to either secure staff PCs or even ATM machines. (inside and outside)

Industry & Transport

Public transport: You can use Netkiosk in train stations, airports or ferry terminals on visitor display terminals.

Industry: In industry you can secure factory worker PCs and give the workers access to only a few websites or a few programs.

Hospitals & Offices

Hospitals: In hospitals you can use Netkiosk to lock down and secure staff PCs as well as visitor information kiosks.

Office environment: In your offices you can secure your staff PCs that are used for few simple tasks like clock in PCs.

Elections: Netkiosk has been used at several local, regional and national elections to secure registration staff laptops and tablets. (More about this below)

Netkiosk program information, screenshots and free downloads.

Tabbed kiosk browser or interactive display kiosk mode.

Netkiosk Tabbed Kiosk Browser. Free kiosk mode software

Instantly lock down your PCs.
Secure customizable kiosk browser.
Give access to only a few websites.
Secure admin panel.
Change the home page.
Give access to custom book marks.
Enable the content filter.
Set the idle time timer and more.
Runs directly on top of Windows.
Block access to Windows files.
Block access to Windows folders.
Block access to task manager.
Instant PC unlock via admin panel.

Instantly lock down your PCs and give access to a secure customizable kiosk browser. You can change the home page in admin panel, give access to only few website. Give access to custom book marks. Enable the content filter. Set the idle time timer and more. Netkiosk runs directly on top of Windows while restricting access to Windows files and folders.

Netkiosk Secure Admin Panel
Netkiosk interactive display kiosk mode.

Interactive display kiosk mode.
Works on all Windows touch devices.
Secure admin panel.
Change Netkiosk layout instantly.
Allow the custom Netkiosk OSK.
Allow the Windows touch OSK.
Allow your own custom OSK.
Show a floating navigation panel.
Works on all Windows touch devices.

Netkiosk screen shots.

Click on an image to view the gallery. These are taken while Netkiosk runs.

Download our free kiosk software version


(With help and screen shots)

Download Netkiosk imperi

110 MB ZIP File
Chromium Powered Kiosk Software.
Freeware version.


(Contact us if you need help.)

Netkiosk Unlimited for Education.
It’s so hot it’ll make the competition red in the face.
No individual license fees. One payment and you’ll own it.
No repeat payments for something you already own!

Why charge for individual licenses when you don’t physically have to manufacture additional copies. Any other manufacturer simply has no choice as to charge you again for the second item. Even if it is as small as a straw. At Netkiosk we believe that charging twice for something we don’t actually have to produce is a little cheeky. Many software companies have gotten away with the “licensed copies” model for far too long. So with Netkiosk Unlimited you pay just one fixed price. You own the product and you can then install on as many PCs as you want or need. And if it is possible we’ll even throw in additional support.

This is currently only available to Education. (Schools, colleges, libraries and universities)
We’ll work on extending it to all our business upgrade options soon.
If there is little or no demand for this we’ll be a little surprised, but don’t say we didn’t try.
Anyone who has purchased will not be affected by any changes we may make in case of lack of demand.
So if you like this help us make this a success and purchase today.
We can add list of happy clients who like this. Or you can leave a review.

Education upgrades and commercial options.

Add Netkiosk support, remove the screen saver and get Basic, Plus or Pro licenses.

Free or fully commercial versions explained.

Why do we offer free Netkiosk versions? Freeware versions information.

The reason we give you free Netkiosk versions is that we also full commercial licenses and support packages. Our free versions offer everyone around the world the freedom and choice to be able to lock down and secure their PCs. By removing any cost element this choice becomes that much easier. Netkiosk is the only software developer that offer 100% free windows lockdown kiosk software. Netkiosk is also ideal for education and can be installed on as many PCs as you want. Offering additional support packages allows us to focus on the customers that need it most.

Pro kiosk software for Windows. Including free customization.

Our commercial or pro versions are designed for larger businesses, corporations or government departments. Our commercial versions can also be used by professional IT companies, resellers and hardware or software distributors. As well as 24/7/365 dedicated support, the pro versions include our unique free customization. Free customization info. All this is designed to give you control, flexibility and peace of mind. And it will also save you vital and valuable IT time.

Your privacy is guaranteed!

Netkiosk is 100% non-intrusive software and Netkiosk does not collect any data whatsoever. There are no remote access connections build inside Netkiosk. This simply means that no one can gain access to your PC via Netkiosk. However, you can still remotely access your PCs using secure third party remote access software. The only way your PC security might be affected is via your own website or network. This is obviously out of our control. But with our built-in content filter and security measures such as disabled downloads you are pretty much guaranteed of peace of mind.

Approved by Governments, Business and Education.

Tried and tested software solutions approved by governments.

At Netkiosk we have specialized in designing and building kiosk software and PC lock down software since 2011. During the past 10 years we have worked with Government Departments and businesses to offer them reliable software solutions that they can depend on 24/7/365. When we installed Netkiosk at the 2015 Spanish elections on 4000 PCs, and then again at the 2018 Ontario Canada Elections on 25000 PCs and in 2020 at the Saskatchewan elections on a few thousand PCs we knew we had reached a few mile stones to show customers that Netkiosk works in even the most tested environments.

Trusted software solutions that you can rely on.

Since day one we received a lot of praise from some US government departments who liked what we tried to do. Since then other government departments, as well as many other organizations around the world have put their trust in Netkiosk. For many years Netkiosk has been the preferred Windows lockdown solution of Government departments, blue chip companies and many others. Some of our customers mentioned below simply reflect the scale that we and Netkiosk can handle. We hope we have proven that Netkiosk works pretty well in any high security, and demanding environment, and at large deployment. So you can rest assured that Netkiosk will be just as reliable on a few PCs, and in any location.

Some of our customers. From 1 to 25000 PCs.

Various government departments, corporations and businesses around the world use Netkiosk to secure and lock down their PCs. And many smaller businesses use Netkiosk in shops to assist customers with POS. Netkiosk was used at several elections to lock down and secure voting staff registration laptops. Netkiosk works just as well on just 1 PC.


Ovesco (Germany)
SMBC Bank Tokyo Japan
(Gold sponsor for the 2020 Olympic games.) Marks & Spencer Stores in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.
IKEA Saudi Arabia, UAE, Singapore.
LSEParkers Kitchen (USA)
And many many more.

US State departments.

Various US state government departments such as the NIH. Various UK Government departments such as the NHS and local councils


Elections Canada Saskatchewan 2020. Custom Netkiosk solution.
Elections Ontario Canada. 7th June 2018.
Custom Netkiosk version deployed on 25000 devices.)
Spanish National Elections. 20th Dec 2015
(Custom Netkiosk version deployed on 4000 devices.)

Our unique full customization.

Netkiosk customization
Our unique customization offered by no one else. We’ll customize Netkiosk for you.

We know that different organizations often have different software needs. This makes it pretty difficult for a software company to make one software program that simply suits everyone. And we all know that it is almost impossible to find a 100% perfect program that suits your needs 100%. This is why we offer you full customization to make Netkiosk work for you.

From day one we simply decided to offer full customization to all our customers. We thought that if it might benefit one customer it might also benefit others. We don’t push our own “creative” updates to customers that they might not like or even need.

We work with you to add the extra features and options you need and make sure they work for you. We will then give you this complete customized version for your organization. We do not put a time limit on customization. And if in the future you require any further changes we add these for you also.

We hope this creates peace of mind knowing that we’ll always keep Netkiosk working for you. To this day we are still the only software developer that offers this unique full customization. This alone could be a good reason to try us.

How much does this “customization” cost?

Any customization depends on the upgrade you have purchased and is usually only included in the PRO version. Customization is not included in the free or basic versions. However, we can also customize our basic versions for you. But we hope you agree that we then might need to charge a little for our time. The cost to customize any of our basic versions depends on the customization you require.

What if I want any customization done? Simply contact us.

You don’t even have to buy Netkiosk yet. Just contact us and ask us if we can do what you want. We’ll have a quick chat and we’ll tell you straight up if we can or can’t customize Netkiosk for you. You can then run your own customized version even before you decide to buy without any obligation to purchase.

Windows 10 kiosk mode versus Netkiosk.

You might already know that Windows 10 gives you the option to run Windows 10 in kiosk mode and give access to one Microsoft Store App. One drawback is that this cannot be a Windows desktop application.

Windows 10 kiosk mode cannot be used on Windows home whereas you can run Netkiosk in any Windows version. Furthermore Windows 10 does not give you the option to run a secure kiosk browser whereas Netkiosk has a built-in secure kiosk browser which also is fully customizable.
If you still want to use Windows 10 and run just one Microsoft App you will find the setup instruction on the Microsoft website.

Windows 10 kiosk mode

  • Will not work on Windows home.
  • Works on Windows 10 only.
  • Run only one Microsoft store app.
  • No built-in kiosk browser.
  • Not customizable.
  • Setup is a little complicated.
  • Limited Microsoft support.

Netkiosk kiosk mode

  • Works on Windows 10 home.
  • Works on all Windows versions. (XP, 7, 8 or 10)
  • Run any Netkiosk version.
  • Customized built-in kiosk browser.
  • Completely customizable.
  • Simple setup.
  • Free and complete support from Netkiosk.

Free versions information.

Can I sell or re-sell the free versions?

The answer is simply no! We offer free versions of Netkiosk as freeware with a proprietary single PC freeware license. Netkiosk is proprietary software offering freeware versions as well as limited commercial and fully commercial licenses.

Can I bundle a free Netkiosk version with another installation?

No! Never! Netkiosk needs to remain 100% transparent to our users and customers at all times. You may never bundle any Netkiosk versions with another installation. You should download Netkiosk from our official website only.

Is Netkiosk open source?

The simple answer is no. Netkiosk is proprietary software. If we’d make Netkiosk open source we would not be able to verify all of the security aspects as anyone would be able to modify it. You could then end up with a less secure version. Instead we can fully customize Netkiosk for you. You’ll know exactly what features we’ve added and we’ll give you complete insight what’s going on inside the software.

Do the free versions run ads or any other restrictions?

No. Our free version does not contain any ads whatsoever. However, our free version runs a “take a break” screen saver every 30 minutes for 1 minutes. This avoids annoying the users and a users work is not affected while the screen saver runs. You can remove this screen saver by upgrading to a “No screen saver”, basic, plus or pro license. This is entirely optional and not needed. The free Netkiosk version is 100% fully working but it includes the “take a break” screen saver.

Help us translate our programs and website.

Help us translate Netkiosk to your language. (Text inside the programs and our website)

Do you want to help us translate the Netkiosk program text to your language? Or help us translate the website for us to your language? We’ll give you Netkiosk for free. We currently use Google to translate our website but we know you can do a much better job. We’ll officially credit you inside the programs and on the homepage of our website. Please contact us to get started.

Do you like to code in C# or in Microsoft Visual Studio?

Cool. Please contact us to see how you can help us and our customers.

We will officially credit you with any coding changes added to Netkiosk. You will also get free access to all Netkiosk versions. And more interesting we’ll give you real shares in Netkiosk. Please contact us if you are interested. No experience needed. Just a passion for coding.

Subscribe to our news letter.

We will only email you when we release important or major updates.
We will NOT email you with irrelevant nonsense as we know you already get enough spam.
We will NOT share your personal information or email with anyone.

About the founder of Netkiosk.

Aime Snijders Netkiosk CEO
Aimé Snijders.

About the founder of Netkiosk Mr. Aimé Snijders.

Netkiosk was founded in 2011 by Aimé Snijders.
Aimé has been involved in all aspects of IT since 1997. Prior to founding Netkiosk Aimé was involved in the design, manufacture and roll out of public internet kiosk systems through his first proper IT related business jtmkiosksystems. This means that Aimé not just knows about software, he is pretty familiar with IT hardware too.

From a blank sheet to first usable version.

While running jtmkiosksystems customers asked for alternative lockdown software and Aimé said “Ok, I’ll look into it”. And before he knew it he was working on a brand new lockdown software application. Aimé wanted to develop kiosk lockdown software that would really benefit the customers and users. Aimé also wanted to develop a kiosk lockdown software program that would be practical and useful to people without making it too complicated. As no man is an island Aimé hired Peter Nelson to assist push the initial phase of Netkiosk. Peter’s invaluable expertise and knowledge most definitely benefited Netkiosk.

The “one size fits anyone” software program.

So how do you offer a “one size fits anyone” software program, Aimé asked himself? Offer full customization and allow each individual customer to ask for changes or extra features. By offering flexible customization the “one size fits anyone” software program was invented. To this day this concept has not changed.

Direct customer involvement.

Direct customer involvement has allowed Netkiosk to become what it is today. And no better person to tell us directly than the customer, knowing they themselves were directly involved in the development. To Aimé a customer is more than just that. They are a partner.

So what is Aimé up to today?

To this day Aimé is still actively involved in coding although taking it a little bit easier. What is unusual in any company that anyone can contact Aimé direct for questions or help. Aimé never says. “I am the CEO, I am too important to talk to you.”

About us. Contact us. Copyright.

About us

Netkiosk was founded in 2011 with the aim to make Netkiosk the best and most reliable kiosk software. Customer driven innovations has helped Netkiosk to become one of the most reliable, secure, and trusted security and lock down software solutions. Constant improvements, clever innovations and valuable customer input allow us to keep Netkiosk current and reliable. This ensures that Netkiosk will work in any possible kiosk environment.

Contact us.

Telephone: USA +16506141646.
We can call you at a time that suits you. (USA only)
You can call us in the USA free of charge on a landline or cell phone.

Contact form:
Simply use the contact us form at the bottom of the site. After that we’ll communicate via e-mail.

Skype: You can contact us on skype @ jtmkiosksystems

Copyright notice.

You should always visit our official website or for general information, updates, and accurate downloads. Our official secure shop site is still located at Netkiosk is part of the Netkiosk group which includes and (official sites). We also own,,, and

Netkiosk Kiosk Software. Building secure kiosk software since 2011.