Free kiosk software made simple with Netkiosk imperi 2020!
With Netkiosk imperi 2020 we now give a free kiosk software version.
You can install Netkiosk imperi 2020 on as many PCs as you want.
You can also install Netkiosk Secure Browser on as many PCs as you want.

Optional. Remove the built-in ads page:
Netkiosk imperi 2020 and Netkiosk Secure Browser both have a custom ads page that shows every 15 minutes for 2 minutes.
The ads page shows display ads or videos only. Users cannot click on the ads or browser to other sites.
This means that you can use Netkiosk imperi on public kiosk PCs and give access to just 1 or more websites. Users can only access sites you have allowed in admin panel.
The non-interactive ads page allows for Netkiosk imperi 2020 to be free, without reducing the all important kiosk software functionality.
You have choice to remove the ads page in Netkiosk imperi 2020 or the Netkiosk Secure Browser.

And you can now also buy our cheaper of the shelf versions.
Why waste your valuable time looking at rediculous expensive kiosk software such as Sitekiosk or Kioware.
We hope you agree that with Netkiosk free, or cheap, kiosk software does not necessarily mean poor quality.
And that other more expensive kiosk software does not always mean better!

Are you tech savvy? Our of the shelf versions save you money. Simple!
For those of you that are tech-savvy we now offer cheaper off the shelf versions.
These cheaper versions do not have less features. In fact they are identical to other versions.
The only difference is that the shelf versions do not include the following:
No automatic updates. No upgrades. No free customization. No version swap. No volume discounts.
However, the off the shelf versions do include full free e-mail support.
The off the shelf options allow us to focus our time on customers who need dedicated support such as customization.
Netkiosk Standard and Netkiosk Desktop Lock are now available as off the shelf versions.

Instant access to the licensed versions. (All other versions.)
Upon completion of checkout you have instant access to the fully working licensed versions.
Download the licensed version and install it directly, or install it over the Trial.
Netkiosk imperi 2020 and Netkiosk secure browser are 100% fully working and are not trials. 

Swap or change Netkiosk versions.
Existing customers with valid, paid for licenses, have access to all Netkiosk versions.
You can swap or change Netkiosk versions at any time.
Swap or change is not available with the Netkiosk ads free versions or the off-the-shelf versions. 

You may refer to our terms and conditions at any time

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