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Netkiosk Total includes a fully working commercial copy of Netkiosk imperi, Netkiosk imperi Pro, Netkiosk Khroma and Netkiosk Khroma Pro.

Netkiosk Total: Upon completion of your order you can instantly download all versions from your free Netkiosk account.
Netkiosk Khroma: You can download the Netkiosk Khroma Trial from the Netkiosk Khroma page.

Applies to Netkiosk imperi only!
If within 48 hours you find that Netkiosk imperi does not fit your needs you can simply uninstall it and let us know.
We will then give you full no questions asked refund. Please contact us if you have any questions or need help with setup or installation.
The 48 hour refund policy applies to installation on 1 PC only. You may use not any Netkiosk for free on multiple PCs for 1 day ( like at an exhibition or similar short period events like elections and then try to claim a refund. We validate and monitor all licenses remotely.

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