Netkiosk Steady State

Introducing Netkiosk Steady State. Windows Steady State for Windows 10 or 11.

They thought it wasn’t possible. And if it was it wouldn’t be this easy! Well it is now.
At Netkiosk we make the almost impossible possible, and than easy.

Netkiosk Steady State allows you the admin to create a 100% temporary Windows user account at the click of a few buttons.
Users can use the PC as normal but when they log out their entire temporary user folder is completely deleted. (wiped / gone / history!)
When a new user logs in a brand new temporary user account folder is instantly created. And they can use the PC as normal.
But with all the usually standard user account restrictions of course.

Netkiosk Steady State is ideal for use in libraries.
(Or anywhere else where it may benefit you)
Netkiosk Steady State can be used by anyone with limited IT skills.
With Netkiosk Steady State for Windows 10 or 11 your IT maintenance headaches are (almost) gone.

So how does it work?

Admin creates a new user account and sets this user account to be a temporary user account.
Users can login into this temporary user account and use the PC as normal.
When the user end their sessions they simply logout of the temporary user account.
Thereby creating a 100% private and secure user environment.

When the next user logs in into the temporary user account a brand new temporary user account is created.
IT administrators will no doubt understand the benefits of this. The key button here is “Make the user a temp user”

NetkioskSteadyState.exe is just 174 KB small.
100% portable. Runs from any thumb drive.
(Copy the entire folder to a thumb drive, not just the program exe)
ALL Netkiosk Steady State files need to remain in the same folder for Netkiosk Steady State to work.

IMPORTANT! ONLY enable Autologin KioskUser if you are an IT expert!
Only enable Auto Login KioskUser on the kiosk PC where you want to run Netkiosk Steady State.
If you can’t get into the kiosk PCs admin account simply copy Netkiosk Steady State to a thumb drive.
Start it on the kiosk PC and disable Auto Login, or change the Auto Login to the admin account on the kiosk PC.

Netkiosk Steady State is for advanced IT administrators ONLY!

Netkiosk Steady State. Windows 10 or 11 Steady State