Netkiosk Khroma

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  • Single PC commercial license.
  • Netkiosk Khroma (ChromeKiosk) copy included.
  • Netkiosk Advanced Configuration included.
  • Free support included
  • Free updates included
  • Free upgrades included.
  • More information below.




The Netkiosk Khroma (ChromeKiosk) product page is here.

Single PC commercial license for Netkiosk Khroma (ChromeKiosk).

All Netkiosk versions contain various copyrights which are owned by Netkiosk and jtmkiosksystems and for which a license fee is due if the application is used in a public or commercial environment. License fees depend on the Netkiosk application and copyright herein contained.

This license is owned by you.

Payment of this license fee is for a single PC license, which allows you to use Netkiosk Khroma in a commercial or public environment on the PC where you will use Netkiosk Khroma. You can transfer the license to another PC in case of PC upgrades or for other reasons. The license will then have to be activated again on the new PC.

Using Netkiosk Khroma on more than 1 PC.
You will need to purchase a license for each PC on which you are using Netkiosk Khroma.
Netkiosk Khroma may not be used on thin clients or similar systems with just 1 license.

License activation:
Upon completion of your order you use your order number inside the App to activate your license.
You do not have to uninstall the evaluation version.
License activation is instant and controlled by our remote servers.
For extra security we do not use license codes.

Netkiosk help page for system requirements.

  • Please visit the Netkiosk help page to assist you with the setup on your PC.

Settings help.

  • Please use the Netkiosk Khroma page to assist you with the settings.


  • Free support included
  • Free updates included
  • Free upgrades included.
  • We do not offer any customization with this license.
  • If you require customization you will need to purchase an enterprise license or contact us for customization prices.
  • Please contact us if you have any questions.