Netkiosk Enterprise


  • Single PC enterprise license.
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Netkiosk Enterprise.

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What do we offer you?

Kiosk PC security.

  1. Kiosk security support.
  2. PC lockdown support.
  3. OS support relating to kiosk security.
  4. Cyber security advice.


  1. 24/7/365 support.
  2. Any-time telephone support.
  3. Any-time remote support.

Kiosk software.

  1. Integrated PC lockdown.
  2. Fully customizable kiosk sofware.
  3. Integrated cyber attack protection.
  4. Integrated malware protection.

Kiosk software updates.

  1. Regular security updates.
  2. On request upgrades.

Customization options.

  1. Customization of existing versions.
  2. Custom kiosk software solutions.

Software access

  • Netkiosk Enterprise licenses gives you access to all Netkiosk versions.
    These currently include Netkiosk imperi, Chrome Kiosk, Netkiosk Standard, Netkiosk Desktop Lock, Netkiosk Parva and other Netkiosk versions, old and new.

Free customization included with all licenses.

  • We will customize Netkiosk to suit your needs and requirements. This simply means that, based on your requirements, we’ll add extra functions, browser features, layout changes, interface graphics, OS interaction, remote access, language translation and more. Since 2011 our unique customization has allowed many customers to significantly reduce their software costs, while obtaining their own, any-time customizable, software program. Having your own customizable kiosk software solution will give you peace of mind. Not just for today, but long term.

Customization example.

  • We have designed a complete separate Japanese version for SMBC bank japan.
  • Custom solution used at the 2015 Spanish national Elections on 4.000 PCs.
  • Custom solution used at the 2018 Ontario Canada Elections on 22.000 PCs.
  • Custom solution used at the 2020 Saskatchewan Elections on 2000+ PCs.

A few more of our custom Netkiosk solutions for specific customers. 

  •  IKEA, Marks & Spencer, The NHS (UK), NIH (USA), Porsche, Bayer pharmaceutical, Turkish Railways, and many more.