Netkiosk installed and uninstalled. Please read.

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Netkiosk imperi and Netkiosk Standard installation. See the install help page.

Netkiosk Standard and Netkiosk imperi both require Microsoft .Net Frame 4.7.2 to run properly.
Microsoft .Net Frame 4.7.2. might already be installed depending on your Windows version.
Netkiosk imperi also requires Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributal to run properly.
Netkiosk imperi is a Chromium application developed using Microsoft Visual Studio and therefore requires Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributal.

Both of these packages are official Microsoft software application. And can be downloaded from the official Microsoft website.
You will find the links to these on our official install help page.

Although we include these packages with the installation we do not run them automatically. You will find the short cuts on your desktop.
Alternatively you can download and install both packages from the Netkiosk install help page.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need help with the setup.

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