How do I run Google Chrome in kiosk mode?
How do I lock down the PC with Google Chrome kiosk mode?

We’ve made it simple, secure, customizable and easy to do with ChromeKiosk from Netkiosk!

Google Chrome secure kiosk mode made simple.

Download ChromeKiosk
No installation needed. Just 2.16 mb in size. Unzip, run and go. This is a zip file with the Chromekiosk program exe in it. No installation needed. However, as ChromeKiosk is designed to run Google Chrome in kiosk mode you need to have Google Chrome installed for ChromeKiosk to work. You might also need .NET framework 4.7.2 (Microsoft link below)

Admin login: Ctrl+i or Ctrl+Shift+k

What do I need to run ChromeKiosk?

You need a Windows powered device with Google Chrome installed.
You might also need Microsoft .Netframework 4.7.2 (info below or on our help page)
Netkiosk will work on any Windows version + Google Chrome and that’s all!
ChromeKiosk is just 3 MB and runs completely standalone from any location on the PC.
Chromekiosk is fully portable so there is nothing to install.
ChromeKiosk does NOT change any Windows OS settings.

“Netkiosk makes Google Chrome in kiosk mode child’s play.”

ChromeKiosk Program exe. Small yet powerful

If you have any questions or needs help please contact us.
All support is free and without any commitment.
We’ll do our best to make sure that ChromeKiosk works for you also.
For a more advanced kiosk software solution please take a look at Netkiosk imperi Pro.

ChromeKiosk admin settings quick setup guide.

ChromeKiosk requirements

Your users privacy and your PC security guaranteed.