The best kiosk software in 2022.

This page is especially designed to break down how you can turn a PC, or other Windows devices into a secure kiosk device using a custom kiosk software program. And to show you who the top 3 kiosk software companies are in 2022.

We will look at, and explain how kiosk software works, how a kiosk browser works, which companies specialize in kiosk software and most important who to avoid at all costs.

How easy is it to turn your PC into a secure kiosk PC?

When you want to setup windows into kiosk mode it can sometimes be a little tricky.
Microsoft Windows designed a general operating system to allow multiple programs.
So to don’t expect for Windows simply turn into a kiosk application in just a few simple steps.
However, there are a number of specialist kiosk software companies who have developed custom applications to turn your Windows PC into a secure kiosk PC in little or no time. You will find the top three further down.

This is absolutely not helpful when all you are trying to do is find a simple solution for your problem. Well, this is where we come in! And you will find absolutely no advertising on this page. It is for information purposes only!

But first, Why is Windows mode so tricky!

Som of you might, no doubt already know how Windows works, but this is also aimed any anyone else that doesn’t.

When your start your Windows PC (or other Windows device) the following happens. If you are an IT expert you’ll say we missed a few bits but it is to give a general overview how Windows work. Not an in depth IT session.

  • You start your PC.
  • The Windows OS kicks into action.
  • When Windows has started you will see your Windows user account from where you can login.
  • However while you see your Windows locked screen a number of important background services (background programs) have already started in the background including the Windows shell (Windows explorer).
  • The Windows shell controls everything from your Windows desktop, Windows explorer, and more.
  • Multiple security settings are activated by Windows to keep your PC save and secure.
  • Only after you login will you see your Windows desktop.
  • From here you can open programs, Windows explorer, your internet browser and more.

You can imagine that it is not easy for one single individual program to control your entire Windows OS and turn your PC into a secure kiosk PC with the main aim is to restrict user access. However, there are a few specialist kiosk software companies who have taken Windows control to a whole new level.

Just look at Windows as one giant funfair where every ride is free. And the kiosk software as an individual working at the funfair that has to tell al users that not all rides are free. And there will be new users all the time. Most users comply with the “not all rides are free” while there are no doubt other, not as well behaved users, who will try to get all the free rides. (You may know them by their more common name. Hackers!) So a kiosk software program not only has to communicate with Windows it also has to defend against hackers. Not an easy task, yet still possible.

Group policy settings to lock down the PC.

For the professional IT people amongst us you could, of course, use group policy settings to restrict user access. You might already know that is not available on Windows home. And group policy settings focus on securing the PC and not at the browsers as browsers are in their own right stand-alone programs that run inside Windows. So even if you have managed to secure your PC with group policy settings how do you then control website access? This is a separate issue altogether.

How do I control website access in kiosk mode?

Google Chrome and Edge as well as the other major browsers were never designed to be restricted access kiosk browsers for the simple reason that they all generate revenue from advertising. Take away this revenue stream and the browser will no longer be that powerful for the companies that own them.

On the other hand kiosk software companies have developed special custom kiosk browsers where advertising does not play a role. They generate revenue from license fees or product sale. This simply means that any kiosk browser you use from a specialist kiosk software company will help you to restrict user website access without having to worry that any data might be collected. Again for the simple reason that a kiosk software specialist company is not interested in your data for ad revenue. Their revenue comes from the aforementioned sources such as license fees.

All three mentioned kiosk software companies in this article are true experts at helping to turn your PCs into secure kiosk PCs in no time. After all, kiosk software and security software is all they do all day long. Call it boring but someone has to do it. So to cut a long story short. Only a dedicated kiosk browser developed by a kiosk software specialist will allow you to turn your PC into an effective kiosk PC.

The best kiosk software in 2022. As voted by industry experts.

As kiosk software is a very specialist IT aspect there are only a hand full of companies that have specialized in developing kiosk software. The list is not endless and we will mention the pure specialist companies below. We might add a few more but only if we know 100% for sure that they specialize in kiosk software. We will not focus on pricing or reviews as it really up to you to decide which company will best serve your needs.

The best kiosk software in 2022

The best kiosk software in 2022
The best kiosk software in 2022

The best kiosk software in 2022 as voted by experts.

Sitekiosk (By Provisio)

Sitekiosk is part of Provisio with their HQ in Germany.
Sitekiosk has been one of the leading kiosk software developers for the past 25 years.


Kioware have their HQ in the USA.
Kioware has been one of the leading kiosk software developers for the past 15 years.

Netkiosk (By jtmkiosksystems)

Netkiosk is part of jtmkiosksystems with its HQ in the UK.
jtmkiosksystems has been one of the leading kiosk software developers for the past 11 years.
Although the new kid on the block has already been used at several national Elections around the world.
And during this time it has revolutionized the kiosk software industry.

jtmkiosksystems were.

  • The first kiosk software company to offer a fully customized chromium powered tabbed kiosk browser.
  • The first to be able to run Google chrome in secure kiosk mode.
  • The first to offer 100% free customization.

Why do the experts recommend these kiosk software companies?

Trust and peace of mind is crucial when putting your trust in another software company. All three have a proven track record and are in use by some of the larges corporations around the world as well as government departments. Furthermore Priovisio, Kioware and jtmkiosksystems are pure kiosk software orientated software companies.

What else do the experts agree on?

All the experts are in agreement that you should try to avoid any website that is nothing more than a ranking directory showing reviews. For the simple reason that none of this information can be verified to be true as it is often just the opinion of those websites editors. And often the reviews are not from real users but simply comments added by the website editors to give the website some credibility.

So all you need is to remember these top 3 software companies. It will save you a lot of time!