You are xx% happy with Netkiosk but there’s something missing.

Oh yes, we have a solution for that!
So you find the software you think you might like and you decide to download it.
After trying the program you come across an issue we have all had in the past. 
You love this software but it does not have the features or options you want.
So what do you do next? Look for other software? Not needed.
Well, with Netkiosk you don’t have to look any further.
We know that different organizations often have different software needs.
This makes it pretty difficult for a software company to make one software program that simply suits everyone.
And we all know that it is almost impossible to find a 100% perfect program that suits your needs 100%.
So what solution did we come up with?
Well, from day one we simply decided to offer free customization to all our customers.
We thought that if it might benefit one customer it might also benefit others.
Instead of pushing our own “creative” updates to customers that they might not like or even need.
What happens when I need some free customization?
We work with you to add the extra features and options you need and make sure they work for you.
We will then give you this complete customized version for your organization.
We do not put a time limit on customization.
If in the future if you require any further changes we add these for you also.
We hope this creates peace of mind knowing that we’ll always keep Netkiosk working for you.
So how much does this “free customization” cost? You may ask?
Well, that’s easy. Any customization is completely free and included in the license price. 
We can also customize our free versions for you. But we hope you agree that we then might need to charge little for our time..
The cost to customize any of our free versions depends on the customization you require.
What do I need to do if I want any customization done?
You don’t even have to buy Netkiosk yet. Just contact us and ask us if we can do what you want.
We’ll have a quick chat and we’ll tell you straight up if we can or can’t customize Netkiosk for you.
You can then run your own customized trial even before you decided to buy. Without any obligation.
After all, no good paying for software that doesn’t work for you 100%. With us 100% means reliable 24/7/365