Netkiosk Standard Source Code.

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Prefer to develop and control your own kiosk software?


You can now purchase the entire source code for Netkiosk Standard.

Why buy the source code?

  1. You want to develop your own custom kiosk software.
  2. You need to have full control over the source code.
  3. You may want to re-sell the versions made with your source code.

What are the benefits of buying the source code.

We all know that you could write your own kiosk software and use your own skills and experience. However, you will most likely come across code that has not been fully tested and proven in the field. This simply means that you will end up with an unreliable program which will not benefit anyone. Besides all this you might end up having to browser Google for more hours than you’d like to to find some extra code you might want. This is not only time consuming but can also be frustrating as a lot the code you will find on other websites has simply not been proven to be either correct or reliable.

At Netkiosk we have spend the past 10 years developing and building kiosk software and PC lockdown software. Vital feedback from customers has allowed us to iron our any bugs and make sure any Netkiosk version is reliable. Further more many of our customers have been using Netkiosk for several years without any headaches and problems. All this basically means that the source code you will get has been tried, tested and proven over many year and is therefore extremely reliable.

What is included.

  1. The entire source code for Netkiosk Standard.
  2. A complete custom IE powered web browser.
  3. Complete PC lockdown codes to customize as required.
  4. The complete fully working ready to use sample program.
  5. One year full support from us to assist you with the existing code.
    This does not include providing any additional code for you or writing code for you. But we will help you and guide you into the right direction.
  6. A complete training session to get you started and explain you everything about kiosk software and how you can use it to develop your own kiosk software version. We do not put a time limit on the training session and you can use it when you have time. The training sessions will be one on one via a remote session.

How do I start?

The fully working sample program included is identical to Netkiosk Standard. So you can first download Netkiosk Standard and see if it suits your needs and requirements. If you like it you can then purchase the entire source code.

What do I need?

  1. You will need Microsoft Visual Studio. You can either use the free community version or one of the professional Microsoft Visual Studio version. Although the Mircosoft Visual Studio pro versions are not needed to develop your own kiosk software versions.
  2. Basic programming skills. Although Netkiosk is developed using and C# a lot of the parts of the program such as the layout are visual driven, which means that you do not need a lot of  coding experience.