Netkiosk Standard source code

  • Netkiosk Standard source code.
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The Netkiosk Standard info page is here.

Company developer license including full source code for Netkiosk Standard.

All Netkiosk versions contain various copyrights which are owned by Netkiosk and jtmkiosksystems and for which a license fee is due if the application is used in a public or commercial environment. License fees depend on the Netkiosk application and copyright herein contained.

What can I do with the source code?

Use the Netkiosk Standard source code to build your own software within your own organisation. You may rebrand this version to build your own internal company product. This new source code will be owned by your company.

No license costs. 

You own the program you develop using our source code. You can do with it what you want.


  • Full support to help you get started with developing your own software version.
  • Full support from us if you need it.
  • Support depends on your requirements and may be charged for separately.

How much is the source code?

  • This depends on your company and what you plan to do with it. Please contact us for prices.


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