Netkiosk Standard source code for Education (Teacher/Students)


  • Fully source code for student training.
  • Can be used by any number of Students.
  • This is a one-time payment.
  • Not for commercial use.
  • More information below.


The Netkiosk Standard info page is here.

Multi student training license including full source code for Netkiosk Standard.

All Netkiosk versions contain various copyrights which are owned by Netkiosk and jtmkiosksystems and for which a license fee is due if the application is used in a public or commercial environment. License fees depend on the Netkiosk application and copyright herein contained.

What can students do with the source code?

Netkiosk Standard is developed using Microsoft Visual Studio and written in
Source code training packages for kiosk software using C# are vailable on request.

Together with their theoractical knowledge students can work on a real tried and tested commercial software application. This should hopefully benefit the student by gaining real experience working on real sofware. Students can not only learn from existing code they can also add existing code or write new code. Students will also learn about many aspects related to the Windows registry and Windows system security as these are an important aspect of kiosk software.

Students can learn all the aspects of PC security, Windows security, PC lock down and kiosk browsers and develop their own version in a class room environment.

Any student restrictions?

There is no limit to the number of students that can use this source code package. This package is for your educational institution and can be used by any number of students.
This is a one-time payment. You own the package and can use it when you want.

Important information:

  • This package may only be bought by Education for training purposes.
  • This package can be used by any number of students.
  • This package may NOT be used in a commercial environment.
  • Programs developed using this source code may not be sold or used in a commercial environment.
  • Existing customers cannot buy this source code package.
  • Some previous customers will be excluded from buying this source code package.

You can download the fully working non licensed evaluation version of Netkiosk Standard from our shop.

Netkiosk help page for system requirements.

  • For Netkiosk Standard please visit the Netkiosk help page to assist you with the setup on your PC.

Settings help.

  • Please use the Netkiosk Standard page to assist you with the settings.


  • Please contact us if you have any questions as there may be points we might have left out.
  • We will work with you for the benefit of you and your students.


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