The complete Netkiosk imperi source code.

  • Netkiosk imperi source code.
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This complete source code package will be added soon for you to download.
If you have any questions please contact us.


The Netkiosk imperi info page is here.

What is included.
The full source code for Netkiosk imperi.

What can I do with the source code?

You can use the Netkiosk imperi source code to build your own flexible chromium powered tabbed kiosk browser.

By having access to our source code you will have full control.

The browser used within Netkiosk imperi is developed using the Chromium open source.
This browser is similar to the one used by Google Chrome or by Microsoft Edge. However, Chromium does not provide you with complete off-the shelf fully fletched browsers. They only provide you with a basic browser. And when we say basic we mean it. You will then set out using a lot of CEF sharp code, and even more hours, to turn this basic browser into the tabbed browser we use inside Netkiosk.

The tabbed browser part alone took us 3 full months of dedicated coding. As you can imagine turning this basic code into your own custom browser is a time consuming process.

Over the next 4 years it went through several changes and improvements to turn it into what you see now. We use our custom tabbed browser inside Netkiosk imperi as a kiosk browser. Where it can also be flipped into a display kiosk browser at the click of a button. However, this custom browser can be used as a stand-alone browser.

So that’s where we come into play. We have done all the hard work already for you. 

We will provide you with the complete Netkiosk imperi source code which you can then use to develop your own custom browser.

If you still need help you can simply use us.
We will only charge you for any coding or customization you want.
The cost for this depends on the work you need done.


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