Netkiosk imperi Pro.


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About the Pro version of Netkiosk

Fully licensed Netkiosk version.

Download the fully working trial.

Download and use the fully working trial from our shop.


  • 1 year full support.
  • Support is by e-mail, skype, whatsapp, messenger, viber, telephone or remote access.
  • Customization. Some may be done for free.

Netkiosk Pro purchase and activation.

  1. Download the fully working trial and see if you like Netkiosk.
  2. Purchase Netkiosk Pro.
  3. In Netkiosk admin panel under activation type your order number and payment e-mail.
  4. Click activate. activation is instant.

Charges explained.

  1. You will only be charged ones!
  2. Valid for use on 1 PC! Contact us for volume discounts.
  3. You need to activate the license on any PC where you have installed Netkiosk.

Refund policy

If, for any reason, you are not happy we give you a full refund.
The full refund is available within the first week of purchase only.

I hope you like Netkiosk, and hope the hard work we have put in over the past 10+ years will benefit your organisation.

Aime Snijders
Netkiosk CEO

Aime Snijders


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