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  1. Complete checkout.
  2. Download Netkiosk from your Netkiosk account.
  3. Install and run Netkiosk.
  4. Use on as many PCs as you want.


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You can use Netkiosk for free on as many PCs as you want.

This is the fully working 100% Free version. Upon completion of checkout you can download your free version from your Netkiosk account. You can login at any time to download more copies, or updated versions.

Our free version contains zero advertising, and we do not collect any data, as that would obviously defeat the whole objective of secure kiosk software. 

Visit the demo page for screen shots, setup, and configuration.
Here you will can also view the Pro version extras.

Please take a few minutes to read the install help page

No license codes needed. 

Download, install, and use. That’s all.
You can refer to our terms and condition at any time.


The free version only includes web support via our official website.

A message from the Netkiosk CEO

I hope you like Netkiosk, and hope the hard work we have put in over the past 10 years will benefit your organisation.

Aime Snijders

Netkiosk founder and CEO


Aime Snijders    

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