Remove the ads page in the free Netkiosk imperi 2020 version. Valid for 5 kiosk devices.

USD $49.99

  • One simple payment covers up to 5 PC, laptops or tablets.
  • Removes the ads page that shows every 15 minutes for 2 minutes.
  • Pay via Paypal or Credit or Debit Card.
  • Secure payment! We do not store, or share, your Credit Card details.
  • Available for new customers only! (From 01/01/2020)
    Existing customers can use the ads free version with their current licenses.



Netkiosk imperi 2020.

Netkiosk imperi 2020 for Windows XP (SP3), NT, Windows 7, 8, and 10.


What can I do with Netkiosk imperi 2020?

Netkiosk imperi 2020 is our brand new Chromium powered kiosk software.With Netkiosk imperi you can instantly lock down your PCs and run a secure Chromium powered brower in flexible kiosk mode. Netkiosk imperi has been specially designed to run Chromium in a secure kiosk mode. Via a secure admin panel you can restrict website access with a built-in white list filter.  Although Chrome can run in kiosk mode by default it does not give you options to secure the settings or lock down your windows devices. This is where Netkiosk imperi will benefit you.

A custom version of our previous imperi version was first successfully deployed at the December 2015 Spanish Elections on around 4000 Windows Tablets.Please watch the Video  page for more information and to see Netkiosk imperi in action. Another unique custom Netkiosk version was used on the 7th of June 2018 at the Ontario Elections (Canada) on around 25000 devices. Netkiosk works just as well on just 1 PC.

What is unique about Netkiosk imperi 2020?

  1. Netkiosk imperi 2020 is a 100% Chromium powered kiosk mode solution.
  2. Netkiosk imperi has built-in lock down features to keep your PC in secure kiosk mode.
  3. Run Netkiosk imperi 2020 in Tabbed browser or full screen display kiosk mode.
  4. Use the custom Netkiosk touch keyboard or the Windows touch keyboard.
  5. Secure Admin Panel.
  6. Custom bookmark toolbar.
  7. Flexible settings.

Bing running in Netkiosk imperi 2020


Netkiosk imperi (Chrome Kiosk) 2019 Admin Panel

How to open Admin Panel.

To access Netkiosk imperi admin panel you simply press settings icon in the top right hand corner.
On first install when admin panel opens simply click Login.


In Netkiosk imperi 2020 admin panel.

  1. Set your admin username and password.
  2. Change the settings to suit your needs.
  3. Run Netkiosk imperi


  1. Netkiosk works on all devices running Windows XP (Service Pack 3), Windows 7 ,8,  and 10.
  2. Netkiosk can be installed on PC’s, Laptops or Windows Tablets.
  3. Netkiosk required Visual C++ Distributal .
    You can download it from the official Microsoft website or start it from the Netkiosk installation folder via vc_redist.x86.

Minimum screen resolution for both Netkiosk versions:1024 X 768

All Netkiosk versions require Microsoft Netframework 4.5

  1. If not installed already Netkiosk will try to install this automatically.
  2. Windows 8 and 10 have Netframework 4.5 built-in. So no need to install.
  3. MICROSOFT NETFRAMEWORK 4.0 (Direct download links to Microsoft website)
  4. If you have problems running Netkiosk please install Microsoft Netframework 4.5 (FULL VERSION)