Netkiosk – Free kiosk software for libraries


Netkiosk for libraries.

100% free to use in libraries only!

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The Netkiosk imperi  help page is here.

Netkiosk is 100 % free for use in libraries.

There are no ads in this free Netkiosk version.

What versions do you get?

  1. 100 free licenses for Netkiosk imperi for use in your library.
    (If you need to use Netkiosk on more library PCs simply add another license package.)
  2. 100% free to use in libraries only!

Where to download Netkiosk imperi.

  • Download Netkiosk imperi setup installation from our home page or Netkiosk imperi page.
  • Visit the Netkiosk imperi page for setup help.
  • Visit the Netkiosk help page to assist you with installation on your PC.

How to activate my library licenses.

  • You active your license directly inside admin settings of Netkiosk imperi.
  • You need to do this on each PC where Netkiosk is installed.
  • Simply activate the license using your official library email.
    Do not use a Gmail email (or similar ) as we would have no idea who you are.
    We want to know where you are using Netkiosk so that we can improve Netkiosk for use in libraries.
  • If you use a gmail or similar email to activate any free licenses we will simply deactivte those licenses.