Netkiosk Advanced Configuration.

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  • Netkiosk Advanced Configuration (Ctrl+Alt+Del) 
  • Install and use on as many PCs as you want.
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Netkiosk Advanced Configuration. 

With Netkiosk Advanced Configuration Ctrl+Alt+Del you can instantly enabled or disabled the Ctrl+Alt+Del options that show when you press Ctrl+Alt+Del. You can also create a new Windows user account at the click of a button. You can remove a Windows user account at the click of a button. You can auto login a Windows user when the PC starts. (Windows 10 users a different method). For security reasons only a user with a Windows Admin account can make changes to these settings. For the simply reason that some of these settings are registry settings that will be applied to the local machine, i.e. the PC.

Netkiosk Advanced Configuration works on all Windows versions from Windows 7 onwards.
You can try to use it on XP but we have not tested this for a while.
We have an older Ctrl+Alt+Del program for Windows XP.
If you want to control Ctrl+Alt+Del on Windows XP it please contact us.

A useful security program developed by us.
We have developed this small program in house and supply it to you for free to allow you to fully control your Ctrl+Alt+Del options.
Although experienced  IT persons can do a lot of this manually it involves some complicated Windows security settings.
We have simply bundled these into a small compact program to make your life a little easier and safe you valuable IT time.
The layout is designed to configure your Windows accounts at the click of a button.
There’s no need to go into Windows settings and then having to follow several steps that do exactly the same but simply take more time.

Windows task manager is automatically disabled when you start Netkiosk.
All  the other options you can apply separately.
The Windows user need to be an admin account.
Microsoft does not allow these settings to be changed under a standard user account. This is purely for security reasons.
You can change a Windows standard user account to admin temporarily, and then back to an admin account, using Netkiosk Advanced Configuration.