Netkiosk Advanced Configuration.

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  • Netkiosk Advanced Configuration (Ctrl+Alt+Del) 
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Netkiosk Advanced Configuration. 

With Netkiosk Advanced Configuration Ctrl+Alt+Del you can instantly enabled or disabled the Ctrl+Alt+Del options that show when you press Ctrl+Alt+Del.

You can also create a new Windows user account at the click of a button.
Or remove a Windows user account at the click of a button.
And Auto Login a Windows user when the PC starts. (Windows 10 users a different method).

For security reasons only a user with a Windows Admin account can make changes to these setttings.
For the simply reason that some of these settings are registry settings that will be applied to the local machine, i.e. the PC.

Please note that some of the settings inside Netkiosk Advanced Configuration do not apply to all Netkiosk versions as this small program was initially developed as part of Netkiosk Standard.

Netkiosk Advanced Configuration works on Windows 7 and higher only!

Netkiosk Advance Configuration. Ctrl+Alt+Del