Netkiosk 30 day license


Netkiosk commercial license

  • Single PC 30 day commercial license.
  • Valid for use with any Netkiosk version.
  • Turns the trial into fully licensed instantly.
  • Ideal to fully evaluate each Netkiosk version for 30 days.
  • This is NOT a subscription!
  • This is a one-time payment only!

Full information below.




The Netkiosk imperi Pro page is here.

The Netkiosk Khroma (ChromeKiosk) product page is here.

For all versions visit the Netkiosk help page to assist you with installation on your PC.
And visit the individual product version page how to change the kiosk settings for that version.

Where can I download the fully trials?

You can download the fully working trial version from each of the Netkiosk product pages.

Trial limitations

The trial versions are limited to 30 minutes use or have other limitations and are not intended for public or commercial use.

It’s simple to change the trial to 30 days fully licensed.

You can buy a 30 day commercial license which covers both versions.

What can I do with these licenses?

You can use Netkiosk fully licensed for 30 days in a public or commercial environment.
You can use this license for Netkiosk imperi or Netkiosk Khroma.

How long is this license valid for?

This license is only valid for 30 days

Does this license payment renew automatically?

NO! This is a one-time payment. it is NOT a subscription.

How do I activate the license?

In the fully working trial open admin settings and go to the license tab.
Enter your order number or order email. We do NOT use license codes.
Click activate. The trial is now instantly converted to fully licensed.
You do not have to uninstall the trial.
That is all you need to do to turn the trial into fully licensed.

Important: You need to activate the license on each PC where you are using Netkiosk.

Where do I find my license codes? 

We do NOT use license codes. All license verification is done via our remote cloud based license verification system. We do not use automatic license control. We monitor ALL licenses manually.

What happens after 30 days?

If you want to continue to keep using Netkiosk you simply purchase full commercial licenses for the version you want to use.
You do not have to reactivate again. You can continue to keep using Netkiosk.
If you no longer wish to use Netkiosk the license simply uninstall Netkiosk.

That is all. We like to keep IT maintenance simple!

What if I am a little late and go over the 30 days but want to keep using Netkiosk?

There is no need to worry. We do not use automatic license verification. We check all licenses manually.

If you continue to use Netkiosk after 30 days without having purchased valid commercial licenses because you don’t have any time or it it could be the weekend or a holiday you do not need to worry. We do not use automatic license verification.  So as  long as you play fair so will we.

You don’t have to e-mail us to explain why there is a delay on your end. However, if a week later you still haven’t purchased commercial licenses and are still continuing to use Netkiosk we will try to e-mail you and if we get no response only then will we deactivate the licenses.