Netkiosk 2019 (Extra Licenses)

USD $34.99 / year

  • Additional license(s)
    You already need to have purchased the Netkiosk 2019 Multi PC license to be able to purchase these additional licenses. If you have already purchased Netkiosk 2019 simply login and then add the extra licenses to your account.
  • Each additional license may be installed on 1 extra device only.
  • Note: All prices are in USD $. If your language shows a local currency please switch to the English pages to complete checkout.
  • Netkiosk Standard 2019
  • Netkiosk imperi (Chrome Kiosk) 2019
  • Netkiosk Desktop Lock 2019
  • Includes free support, updates and upgrades for all versions.


Netkiosk 2019 extra licenses

Netkiosk 2019 includes all current Netkiosk versions.

  1. Netkiosk Standard 2019

  2. Netkiosk imperi (Chrome Kiosk) 2019

  3. Netkiosk Desktop Lock 2019

  4. Two additional smaller helper programs.

  1. You need a Netkiosk 2019 subscription license to be able to purchase additional licenses.
  2. Each additional license may only be installed on 1 PC laptops, or tablet.