One-on-one session with the Netkiosk founder/CEO.

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  • Dedicated one-on-one session with the Netkiosk founder and CEO
  • Applies to all Netkiosk versions.
  • Applies to all Windows versions.
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I now offer you a dedicated one-on-one session.

What will I do and explain in this session?
In a friendly one to one telephone conversation I will assist you and help you setup your kiosk PCs. I will also help you with configuring your Windows PC for use as a kiosk PC. I will answer any questions you may have about kiosk software or Windows and I will try to explain everything to you without using too much technical mumbo jumbo. The session can include a remote session as it is often easier to understand what is happening in front of you rather then trying to imagine it when it is explained to you on the phone. I normally use Team Viewer for remote sessions but any other remote access option is fine. When we are finished I hope you will have gained valuable knowledge about how to setup and run a kiosk PC, how kiosk software works, and also know more about the security end of Windows.

Why can this session benefit you?
As the founder and main developer of Netkiosk I have over 15 years experience in the kiosk and kiosk software industry and more than 25 years in IT. I started working on PCs in the DOS days and before and during the development of Netkiosk I have become fully familiar with the core back end and the core security features of the entire Windows operating system. From XP to windows 10. I therefore hope my knowledge and experience will benefit you, and your organisation.

Who can use this session?
This session is available to anyone individual or anyone within any organisation.
IT Pro’s: You might have extensive IT experience but not so much relating to kiosk and security software.
IT beginners: You might have limited IT knowledge and simply want to learn more about it.
Time restricted: You might simply be restricted for time dealing with your kiosk PCs as you have other important things to do and simply will use this session to save time.

How long does this session lasts?
A session usually lasts around 1 hour.
I will not run a timer while the session is in progress. And we can do it in multiple sessions if you are restricted for time.

When can the session take place?
The session is at a time that suits you no matter where in the world you are. Yes, this means I will my myself available at a time that suits you.

Still have questions regarding the session?
Just send me an email via the contact page at the bottom of our website. You can then always decide if it will benefit you.