We hereby wish to notify any of our visitors that Netkiosk has no affiliation with either G2.com or Captarra.co.uk
These two websites have, without our strict permission, used our company and products details with the simply aim to boost their own Google rankings, or business status.
None of the information relating to Netkiosk on either G2.com or Capterra.co.uk has been provided by us.
Any reviews on these two websites can therefore also not be taken seriously as we do not know who posted these reviews.

We do NOT condone such business activities by either G2.com or Capterra.com

In the case of G2.com they claim to offer an “unbiased” and “free” service to software businesses.
This is entirely untrue as in almost all cases they offer software companies a ranking bump at a charge.
In the case of G2 these charges can be in the thousands of $ a month!.
G2 also claim to have “validated user reviews to help you make smarter decisions” which in our case is not true at all.

We have contacted Google direct to assist us with the removal of keyword links to our website.
We have done this in the past with a 100% success rate, as Google take this kind of activity by such websites extremely serious.

Any information regarding Netkiosk can be found on our official website.

We do not allows reviews on our website as this might distort the unbiased business approach we have.
For the reason that, if one person might like our products, it does not mean that another will also.

We are sure you all know any website can add whatever information they see fit for self promotion.
We are also sure you all know that anyone can register on any website and post whatever comments review we see fit.
Often this information is totally incorrect (scraped or an official website at x moment in time and then never updated).
In some cases the information these sites list is completely “Fake news”.
This is done, simply and only, done to benefit the respective website by trying to bump its own Google ranking.

If you ever wish to contact one of our major customers direct we’d be more than happy to provide you with proper contact details.

We at Netkiosk are not the only organisation that have issues with the likes of G2.com and Capterra.com in relation to copyright issues.
Or, in the case of G2.com, blatent “imitation” of our company and or products.
Please feel free to watch this video on youtube. It is made by another person who has zero affiliation with Netkiosk!

Thank you.