1) Netkiosk Advanced Configuration. 

With Netkiosk Advanced Configuration Ctrl+Alt+Del you can instantly enabled or disabled the Ctrl+Alt+Del options that show when you press Ctrl+Alt+Del.
You can also create a new Windows user account at the click of a button.
You can remove a Windows user account at the click of a button.
You can auto login a Windows user when the PC starts. (Windows 10 users a different method).
For security reasons only a user with a Windows Admin account can make changes to these settings.
For the simply reason that some of these settings are registry settings that will be applied to the local machine, i.e. the PC.

Netkiosk Advanced Configuration works on Windows 7 and higher only!

Netkiosk Advance Configuration. Ctrl+Alt+Del

2) Netkiosk USB Locker.

Netkiosk USB Locker allows you to lock, or unlock the PCs USB Drives.
Netkiosk USB Locker is a tiny stand-alone program of just 209 kb.
Netkiosk USB Locker requires no installation.
The download file size is 170kb (zip file)

3) Netkiosk Folder Lock.

Netkiosk Folder Lock is a tiny stand-alone program of just 85 kb.
Netkiosk Folder Lock requires no installation, but can only be run by an admin user.
For extra security Netkiosk Folder Lock needs admin rights to run.

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