Developers. Protect your software from theft or copying!

At Netkiosk we have been developing kiosk software since 2011.
As a developer you will be all to familiar with the problem trying to protect your software programs.
And more importantly how to try stop people using your software illegally.
Some people think this is almost impossible. But we have good news. It is 100% possible.

The origins of illegal software use and software theft.

Sometime in the past some idiot in the USA decided that it is completely normal to give software away for free.
Then the floodgates opened and many more idiot sheep followed this mindset.
Why no one stopped those idiots in their tracks we’ll never know.

After all, no product on the planet is given away for free. Yet this idiot thought just because software is not a physical product the, not free rule, did not apply. And ever since then consumers have been brainwashed into believing that software should be free and often thinking that using software illegally is absolutely fine. After all, no one is going to arrest them. So why stop!

Every product we buy each day we will have to pay for. Even a mars bar is not free. A cup of coffee is not free!
However, someone people think it is absolutely ok not to pay for software and think is should be free.
They must believe that software developers work for free also. Netkiosk we have said. “Enough of this nonsense!”

How do smaller software companies like Netkiosk make money?

Most smaller software companies need revenue to exist and they get it from software sales or software licensing and not from advertising revenue. These are the very companies that need software protection to protect their revenue. Customers using the software of those companies for free means less revenue, and in some cases little revenue at all. While still being expected to work almost full time. To anyone with a business brain this is just not good business sense. It would not even make sense to a charity.

Our solution to stop software theft, or illegal use.

We have developed a 100% affective solution to stop anyone from using your software illegally.
We have come up with a very simple solution to protect your software from being used without paying for it.
Customers cannot cheat and think. “Well, no one’s watching, and I won’t get arrested, so I’ll use for free anyway. What you gonna do about it!”

So how does our software protection work?

  1. You add a small piece of code to your program. (This is a simple piece of c# code.)
  2. The code collects some of the system information of the PC on which you install your program.
  3. The code connects to our remote server and sends this data to a simple php page.
  4. Every x minutes the code inside your program checks the remote php page.
  5. If x information is found the code will return as True, and if it is not found it will return with False.
  6. You can then decide what you want your program to do. Either close, show a warning or anything else.
  7. And if a customer tries to use your software off-line. You simply block usage.
    This works similar to your cell phone bill. When you don’t pay your phone bill your operator operator disables your account.

What are the main benefits.

  1. No remote database needed.
  2. Simple secure php page on our remote secure server.
  3. Simple code inside your program to communicate with our server.
  4. You control what you want your program to do if illegal use is detected.
  5. Stops anyone from using your software illegally.
  6. 100% effective.

What do I need?

  1. You need a monthly subscription to be able to access our servers.
  2. We will set you up in less then 15 minutes.
  3. You can then control your software from being used illegally.
  4. No more frustration, headaches or loss of income!


Some customers will not like our solution one bit! After all, what’s wrong with a bit of stealing!
However, software developers will love it.

How do I start?

Contact us via the form below on our website.