In the wake of the recent Facebook privacy issues I would like to put your mind at ease by letting you know that Netkiosk does not collect any user data what so ever.

Netkiosk is designed to exactly to protect your PCs and your and your user’s privacy.
The Netkiosk browser that is part of Netkiosk Standard and Netkiosk Desktop Lock is a simple, powerful, yet secure kiosk web browser and nothing more.

100% of our revenue is generate via the sale of Netkiosk software licenses.
We generate zero income from advertising.

How safe and private is the Netkiosk user account data?
A Netkiosk users account is simply there to allow a netkiosk customer to view purchase history and to download their licenses.
Customer information is strictly private and is only available to us and the customer.
At no time, what so ever, will we share customer information with a third party.
Ok, unless someone give me a billion dollars, then, but only then might I might be persuaded.

One important point to make clear.
Any website that you have allowed in Netkiosk could in principle see what pages the user was on and what links they clicked. Or other browser behaviour.
99% of the time these are general web browser statistics that are used by millions of websites around the world to monitor website visitors.
Netkiosk has no control over what happens when a user visits an external website.

We use for general website statistics for our official website

When in Netkiosk a user can, at any time, complete wipe their Netkiosk browsing history.
If the inactivity timer is enabled the Netkiosk browser history is completely wiped at the interval set by the administrator who installed Netkiosk.

You are more than welcome to scan the Netkiosk Software, or our official website with any tools you see fit, for any privacy invasion activity by us.
Rest assured. There has never been, and there will never be any!

And, of course, we always welcome any feedback and comments that will help us to improve Netkiosk.

You are more than welcome to contact me personally if you have any questions.

Aime Snijders – Netkiosk CEO