Netkiosk imperi 2018 (Chrome Kiosk)

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  • Netkiosk imperi (Chrome Kiosk) single PC license.
  • Includes free updates and upgrades for 12 months.
  • Includes free installation support.
  • Includes free limited customization.
  • Free e-mail, telephone or remote support for 12 months
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Netkiosk imperi (Chrome Kiosk mode)

Netkiosk imperi (Chrome Kiosk) for Windows XP (SP3), NT, Windows 7, 8, and 10.

What can I do with Netkiosk imperi?

With Chrome Kiosk you can instantly lock down your PCs and run Google Chrome in secure flexible kiosk mode. Netkiosk imperi has been specially designed to run Google Chrome in a secure kiosk mode. Via a secure admin panel you can restrict website access with a built-in white list filter.  Although Chrome can run in kiosk mode by default it does not give you options to secure the settings or lock down your windows devices. This is where Netkiosk imperi will benefit you.

A custom version of Netkiosk imperi was first successfully deployed at the December 2015 Spanish Elections on around 4000 Windows Tablets.Please watch the Video  page for more information and to see Netkiosk imperi in action. Another unique custom Netkiosk version will be used on the 7th of June 2018 at the Ontario Elections (Canada) on around 25000 devices. Netkiosk works just as well on just 1 PC.

What is unique about Netkiosk imperi?

  1. Netkiosk imperi is a 100% Google Chrome kiosk mode solution.
  2. Netkiosk imperi has built-in lockdown features to keep Google Chrome in secure kiosk mode.
  3. Built-in idle time timer to clear the browser history when the user logs out or when the idle time timer kicks in.
  4. Custom customizable floating menu bar or touch screen keyboard.
  5. Built-in whitelist and content filter to restrict website access.
  6. Secure Admin Panel (Ctrl+i or Ctrl+Shift+k)
  7. Flexible settings.

Netkiosk imperi (Chrome Kiosk) 2018 Admin Panel



How do I install Netkiosk imperi (Chrome Kiosk)

  1. First of all you need to download and install the latest version of Google Chrome.
  2. The Video below will show you which settings in Chrome you need to change to allow Chrome to work properly with Netkiosk imperi.
  3. You then install Netkiosk imperi (Chrome Kiosk).
  4. To access Netkiosk imperi admin panel you simply press Ctrl+i or Ctrl+Shift+k
    To open admin panel you simply enter your Windows admin username and password. Netkiosk uses a standard Microsoft Authentication options that is often used by developers to create secure login for programs. This allows you to login using your Windows credentials for added security.
    For your peace of mind. Netkiosk has no access to your login details what so ever.
    All Netkiosk versions run totally stand-alone and do not communicate with any external sources, as this is simply not possible. This also improves security.
  5. In Netkiosk imperi admin panel you set your homepage. This is the same homepage you have set in Google Chrome.
  6. When you enable the white list you only add the website name.
    For example if your website is you only enter msn
    No need to enter http:// or www. or .com (domain extensions).
    No need to enter subdomains.
  7. You can show or hide the custom Netkiosk touch panel.
  8. You can also auto show the Windows OSK (Windows 8 and 10 only)
  9. The popup Windows related to the text shown in  a popup Window. You can add the text to (4) Popup Windows to show to allow only those popup Windows.
  10. Netkiosk imperi (Chrome Kiosk) will run on full screen only and automatically lock down the PC.


A few simple settings are needed in Chrome for proper kiosk use.

Google Chrome 2018 (Settings).  Using a Google Chrome older version? Please update your Chrome version.

Run the Video in full screen.
If the video is not clear change your youtube quality settings in the bottom right.

© 2017 Google Inc, used with permission. Google and the Google logo are registered trademarks of Google Inc.


  1. Please read the install help page before, or after, you install Netkiosk.
  2. Netkiosk works on all devices running Windows XP (Service Pack 3), Windows 7 ,8,  and 10.
  3. Netkiosk can be installed on PC’s, Laptops or Windows Tablets.
  4. Netkiosk imperi requires Google Chrome.

Minimum screen resolution for both Netkiosk versions:1024 X 768

All Netkiosk versions require Microsoft Netframework 4.5

  1. If not installed already Netkiosk will try to install this automatically.
  2. Windows 8 and 10 have Netframework 4.5 built-in. So no need to install.
  3. MICROSOFT NETFRAMEWORK 4.0 (Direct download links to Microsoft website)
  4. If you have problems running Netkiosk please install Microsoft Netframework 4.5 (FULL VERSION)

Adobe Acrobat Reader and Flash Player  (Optional)

  1. You need to make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed if you want to allow proper access to PDF files and your Flash player is up to date.
  2. Note: Please make sure that you do not install, and try to run, each Netkiosk version on the same PC, at the same time.