8th August 2018
We all know that having to purchase multiple kiosk software licenses can sometimes be a costly exercise. As Netkiosk is in use by so many different organisations, large and small, it is never easy to come up with a price level that pleases everyone.
Besides all this, it can often be time consuming for us to make sure that everyone has installed Netkiosk on the correct number of PCs that correspond to the licenses they purchased. So in the end we came up with a simple solution. We hope you like it . This allows us to focus on customer service for those that really need it.
We hope you agree that this take a lot of pain out of having to juggle your budget.
We hope you like the thought we put behind this, and hope that Netkiosk will continue to give you peace of mind for many years to come.
2nd March 2018
We have changed the front end of our website for quicker navigating and quicker loading.
We have removed any unnecessary information.
The help sections have been improved with new slide show videos and extended images.
As always we will continue to focus on improving Netkiosk and concentrating on servicing our customers.
The customer back-end and other sections remain unchanged.
Tuesday 21st June 1017
After some valued customer feedback we have decided to release a brand new standalone kiosk software version of Netkiosk Standard. Netkiosk Standard 2017
This version has many improvements and will simply allow you to lock down your PCs and run a secure custom tabbed web browser with white list and content filter.
Netkiosk Standard has been one of our most successful versions for the past 5 years. We listened to our customer and here it is for you to try or use.
The Brand new Trial version of Netkiosk Standard 2017 is now available for download. The options to run Netkiosk Standard Browser in Full screen tabbed or information kiosk mode will in due course be removed from Netkiosk Desktop Lock and again be made available as separate versions as was previously the case.
We hope that by having clear and simple individual Netkiosk versions you’ll be able to quickly decide which version is best for you.
A new separate version is on the way.
We will over the next few days also releasing a completely new standalone Information Kiosk version.
Friday 9th June 2017.
After a successful period of nearly 4 years on the 1st of July 2017 we are ending our our “Free customization model”. As with immediate effect any Free customization will be entirely at our discretion and will depend on the number of licenses purchased, or the client level.
  1. Free customization will no longer be available to all new customers.
  2. Customization can be purchased separately.
  3. Existing customers can request free customization. The level of free customization for existing customers will depend on the number of licenses purchases, or the length of time the customer has been using Netkiosk.
  4. It will be entirely at our discretion to grant Free customization to existing and / or new customers This will depend on various factors such as the number of licenses purchased.
License key update.
To combat abuse and to make sure that a single License indeed means a single License installation we will be implementing a new security system to validate Netkiosk licenses in use.
We will adjust our terms and conditions accordingly.
The Netkiosk Terms and Condition are at all times clearly visible on our website.
Thursday 2nd June 2017
We have made improvements to Netkiosk Desktop Lock.
Netkiosk Desktop Lock System Tray version is now fully integrated.
You can switch between versions instantly.
Additional Adobe pdf fixes and options applied.
Improved and quicker start-up.
The Admin panel background has been changed to white.
The latest Trial and Licensed versions have been updated.
We hereby would like to thank Dwayne (and colleagues) from Illinois Gov and Mark from Sandmeyers Steel for their input and support in making this version better.
Monday 15th May 2017
Since we became aware of the recent global cyber attack we thought it might be more appropriate to show we care and offer Netkiosk for Free. We offered Netkiosk totally for Free for two days over the weekend. Ok, so if you were not working, or interested, then this global cyber attack obviously did not affect your company. So you must be really clever 😉 (or work for the NSA)
There where, of course, some clever (on the ball) people who took full advantage of the Free period. For anyone interested. NONE of the Netkiosk customers have been affected by the global cyber attack.
Tuesday 7th March 2017
We have updated our prices and have added a new price structure for Education.
Monday 26th December 2016
Netkiosk Parva is now available for purchase via Google Play Store.
We will be adding several updates and extra features over the coming weeks.
Thursday 22nd of December 2016
The Netkiosk Parva (Netkiosk for Android) Demo is now available for download from Google Play store.

Monday 28th November 2016.
We are in the process of completing a brand new Netkiosk Android APP version.
This should also work on IOS.
We will be releasing this on the Android store hopefully before the end of this year.




Internet Explorer in Kiosk mode.
A brand new option to run Internet Explorer in secure Kiosk mode is almost ready.
As an admin you will have the option to give users access to the full Internet Explorer Browser.
You can then run Internet explorer in tabbed browser mode within a secure Netkiosk kiosk environment.
Users can not close IE or access the IE settings menus.
If you like to test this new version please contact us.
Monday 3rd October 2016
A Brand new version of Netkiosk Standard has been released.
Integrated Touch keyboard with virtual touch pad.
You can disable / Enable this as required.
Sunday 2nd October 2016
Netkiosk is going through a few rapid changes.
We have removed Netkiosk Desktop Lock from our site for the time being.
If you are still interested in Netkiosk Desktop Lock please contact us.
Existing customer who use Netkiosk Desktop Lock will not be affected.
We will focus entirely on Netkiosk Standard. Which will soon just be called Netkiosk.
We will also release a few brand new programs.
Friday 12th August 2016
We are slowly updating the brand new website layout.
The back end of the website containing user account login and the buy options is still there.
The user account and shop part of Netkiosk use a separate engine and these will remain for the time being.
Existing as well as new users can access their Netkiosk account via the account login buttons.
Tuesday 9th august 2016
A brand new Netkiosk Desktop Lock version is now available for download and purchase.
Now easier to use.
Improved reliability and Windows task bar “clone”.
A brand new version of Netkiosk Desktop Lock has now been uploaded. (9th August 2016)
Now more powerful and easier to configure and more user-friendly.
What’s changed?
  1. Start a program from Windows explorer just as you normally would.
  2. Open Admin Panel and add this program to the Allowed Programs list.
  3. When the program has started a short cut is automatically  added to the Netkiosk Task bar.
  4. Each time Netkiosk Desktop Lock Starts it will automatically start the programs added to your start list.
  5. Netkiosk will allow only the programs you have allowed and will block all other program access.
  6. Users can minimize a program or start the program from the Netkiosk Task Bar.
  7. Netkiosk adds the program icons automatically.
  8. Give users access to Windows Explorer, Folder access, Control Panel or Desktop icons.

Monday 8th of August 2016

We have change the Netkiosk website front page

We should be easier to display on all devices including phones.
At present the new front page is at www.netkiosk.co.uk.
From there you can access the main website directly.


Tuesday 28th June 2016
We have released a brand new version of Netkiosk Standard.
This version uses a special settings ini file which allows for easier configuration.
You can now also start and run Google Chrome directly from within Netkiosk Standard.
This will replace the need for Netkiosk imperi.
You can still run Netkiosk Standard in Tabbed Browser or information kiosk mode.
The browser part has been improved.
The white listing has also been improved.
You can download the latest version from our download trial page.
Screenshot of Google Chrome running inside Netkiosk Standard.
Monday 16th May 2016
We have updated Netkiosk Standard.
  1. Info kiosk mode added to Browser Layout page.
  2. Simplified Admin Panel.
  3. Optimized Netkiosk browser engine.The Trial download has been updated (16th May 2016  23:20 GMT – UK Time)
Wednesday 4th May 2016
We will be releasing a brand new update for Netkiosk Desktop Lock
  1. Netkiosk Desktop Lock will be (almost) entirely portable.
  2. A single Settingsload.ini will check the location of the NDLSettings.ini
  3. The NDLSettings.ini can be located anywhere on your Network.
  4. Virtually no installation needed.  Just the NetkioskDesktopLock.exe and the Settingsload.ini are needed (both in the same location)
  5. When you update the NDLSettings.in all devices will use this updated ini version (on reboot
  6. The NDLSettings.ini is very easy to modify.
  7. An addional option to access the settings via a URL will be added
Wednesday 6th April 2016
Netkiosk Desktop Lock 2016 has been improved.
Programs are now easier to add and Programs will also run more reliable
The program buttons also show permanently on the Netkiosk Taskbar
This allows for easier access by the user.
Program buttons screenshot has been updated
Thursday 24th March 2016
We have released a brand new version of Netkiosk Desktop Lock
This will replace the older version of Netkiosk Desktop Lock

Existing customer can continue to use the older version if they wish to do so.

Please view the latest Netkiosk Desktop Lock version for more information and screenshots

Tuesday 22nd March 2016
We are updating Netkiosk Desktop Lock
This should be ready sometime this week.
This new version should be easier to use and more powerful
Improved program recognition and automatic blocking of non allowed programs
Monday 14th March 2016 16:30 GMT (UK Time)
Netkiosk imperi (ChromeKiosk has been updated)
1) You can now add an extra 5 websites / domains to your white list.
2) You can also change the floating panel text to your own language, or simply change the text to suit your needs.
Please view the updated screenshots on the Netkiosk imperi page.
Thursday 10th  March 2016
We have made some improvements to Netkiosk imperi.
The whitelist filter was not working properly. We have now fixed this.
We have also added the option to login into Netkiosk imperi admin panel using your Netkiosk account details.
This adds extra security as the Netkiosk imperi admin panel Password will not be stored on your PC.
Extra help information has been added to Netkiosk imperi
Tuesday 1st March 2016
News update: Netkiosk imperi (ChromeKiosk) Download Trial released. Tuesday 1st March 2016) 13:20 GMT (UK Time)
Your Windows device + Google Chrome in kiosk mode = Netkiosk imperi
Netkiosk imperi will run Google Chrome in secure kiosk mode while simply locking down any Windows device instantly.
This brand new Netkiosk version will go by the name “Netkiosk imperi (ChromeKiosk)” Preview Netkiosk imperi
Saturday 23rd January 2016
Although we usually let Netkiosk do the talking there are moments of which, we hope you’ll agree, we are pretty proud.
A major milestone was achieved when on the 20th of December 2015 Netkiosk was used during the Spanish Elections.
Netkiosk was used to lock down approximately 4000 Windows tablets which where used by electoral staff
Netkiosk was also cleared by the Spanish CNI (Spanish National Security Agency).
An official statement and press release will be added to our website soon.
Tuesday 17th November 2015

Netkiosk Standard has been updated.

1) The option to lock zoom from within Netkiosk Admin panel
When the page loads it will automatic all zoom to 75%, 125%, 150% or 200% (which ever option you have set in Netkiosk Admin Panel)

2) The option to allow up to 10 pop-up Windows  (You set these in the Browsing Options Tab in Netkiosk Admin Panel)
The are Windows pop-up menus such as “Print” or “Windows Security (use to log on when on a website)
Simple add the window text of the pop-up window and the window will be allowed.
This will work in any language. So if your language is not English and you want to allow printing then type “Print” (in your own language)

Thursday 15th October 2015 20:50 GMT (UK TIME)

We have updated the Netkiosk Standard Admin options.
You can now login using your Windows Admin Credentials or your Netkiosk Admin Password.
You can set your Netkiosk Admin password in Netkiosk Admin Panel please view the updated screenshots on the Netkiosk Standard pages.
Tuesday 6th October 2015
We have updated Netkiosk
You can now simply use your Windows Admin Credentials to log in into Netkiosk Admin Panel
(In the Trial this is fully functional, however to stop anyone using the trial version in a commercial environment we have added an extra button)
In the trial version anyone can close Netkiosk
We have improved the functionality of Netkiosk and simplified a few features and options.
If you want to use the auto show touch screen functionality you simply need to enable it in Netkiosk Admin Panel.
The Netkiosk task bar has been changed to a floating task bar. (This is still a fixed menu bar which a user can hide.)
The bottom floating menu bar in the Tabbed browser mode is purely there in case you want to run Netkiosk in Info Kiosk mode.
Friday 25th September 2015
We have added some extra options to the Netkiosk Security Tab
You can now check the location of the Netkiosk Settings file.
You can also save the settings file to your desktop and copy it to desktop on another PC’s
When you click “Load Settings from File” Netkiosk will automatically load the settings file from the users Desktop.
This will make it easier to install Netkiosk on multiple PC’s without having to configure each user PC.
When you have configured the users PC with the new Netkiosk settings file you can simply delete the file from the users Desktop.
We will be added an extra feature that will allow a users PC to read the settings file from any location.
This can be a local network or if all goes well even an Internet location
You can check the updated screen shot of the Security Tab in the Netkiosk Standard version.
Wednesday 16th September 2015
We have for the time being removed Netkiosk Desktop Lock for some urgent updates.
We will be focussing on Netkiosk Standard.
We are working on a brand new version of Netkiosk Desktop Lock.
Tuesday 15th September 2015 – 18:00 GMT (UK TIME)
Netkiosk Standard has been updated.
The info kiosk mode has been simplified and improved.
Netkiosk info kiosk mode 2 has a simplified layout.
Netkiosk info kiosk mode 1 has an improved layout.
Extra option added to offer better printing control and better print options
Admin panel layout has been changed to allow for easier configuration.
Out dated and no longer relevant features and options have been removed.
This allows us to focus on core features such as Auto Keyboard show and multilingual security features.
This should also allow for easier configuration and increased stability.
Monday 30th August 2015 16:00 GMT – UK TIME
Netkiosk Standard Updated.
Dual Info Kiosk mode option (Info Kiosk mode 1 and info Kiosk mode 2)
Auto OSK popup now available.
Improved layout
In Info Kiosk mode1 you can hide the tabbed browser top menu bars instantly.
Browser engine improved.
Users have access to a show, hide, bottom Netkiosk Taskbar.
Auto OSK shows on text entry. (Tested in Windows 7 only. We’ll test this in Windows 8 and windows 10 early this week.)
All pdf’s automatically open in the Netkiosk popup Window.
All Windows dialog boxes, such as “Save As”, “File Open” and many more, are automatically blocked by Netkiosk.
Only Admin, via Netkiosk Admin Panel, has access to certain dialog screens, as these are needed to configure Netkiosk
This should work in every language! English, Spanish, German, Arabic, Chinese, etc.

Wednesday 26th August 2015

Netkiosk Standard has been updated with new features added and a better layout for Info Kiosk mode.
Wednesday 19th August 2015
We have made available our brand new subscription models.
Saturday 8th August 2015
We have added a new updated Netkiosk Standard version to Netkiosk Desktop Lock.
This version is available in the licensed version of Netkiosk Desktop Lock only.
We will update the trial version as soon as possible
Netkiosk Standard now runs like a normal browser with all the added security, white list and content filter options that are part of Netkiosk Standard
The info Kiosk mode option has been removed from this version as it is not applicable to Netkiosk Desktop Lock
In this custom Netkiosk Standard version all other Netkiosk Standard features and options are the same.
Content filter, White list filter, idle time timer and other secure kiosk options can be set directly inside Netkiosk Standard Admin Panel.
Lock down of the PC is controlled by Netkiosk Desktop Lock
All customers with existing downloads in their Netkiosk account.
Netkiosk Desktop Lock NEW has been automatically updated to this latest version.
Friday 7th August 2015
Netkiosk Desktop Lock start menu screen and icons have been changed to more universal icons.
The start menu icon is our own little twist on the Android menu icon but then used in a Windows program.
We are sure that everyone is familiar with this new start menu icon.
The new icons are not yet available in the Trial version and are available only in the licensed version.
We will update the trial version as soon as possible.
All customers with existing downloads in their Netkiosk account.
Netkiosk Desktop Lock NEW has been automatically updated to this latest version.
Tuesday 28th of July 2015
We have just completed an updated version of Netkiosk Desktop Lock
You can now use Netkiosk Explorer which is a restricted custom version of Windows Explorer
Netkiosk Explorer points to the users desktop by default.
You can also change the location to the users documents folder in Netkiosk Admin Panel.
Netkiosk Explorer opens any program or documents fully automatic and adds a new button with the corresponding programs icon to the Netkiosk Task bar.
You can minimize the program and maximize it via the corresponding button (just like with the Windows task bar)
Behind the LOG OUT button on the left hand side there is now an extra function.
When the user logs out all programs are automatically closed.
and the same happens when you close Netkiosk via admin Panel.
The extra features behind Netkiosk explorer are extended to any program.
For instance if a user opens note pad or word or similar and then tries to click save as or open new etc. Netkiosk Explorer will pop up.
This prevents a user from bypassing Netkiosk to access Windows Explorer.
Wednesday 10th June 2015
Netkiosk Desktop Lock updated.
Extra OSK options added and a larger Netkiosk OSK added.
Use the Windows OSK or use your own OSK.
Option to change the location of the xml files for the Netkiosk OSK (This in case the xml file is not found, or recognised depending on your Windows OS.
Please see the updated screen shots in Netkiosk Desktop Lock
Sunday 7th June 2015
Netkiosk Destop Lock improved layout and extra functions and features added.
You can now run Windows 7 or Window 8 OSK instead of Netkiosk OSK.
See Netkiosk Desktop Lock for updated screenshots
5th June 2015
We have improved Netkiosk Desktop Lock
Netkiosk Desktop Lock now works better on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1
Improved layout for easier configuration.
Explorer starting issue after admin closes Netkiosk Desktop Lock on Windows 8 and windows 8.1 has now been resolved.
Default Start location has been updated in the Install package.
We will continue to work on improvements and extra features.
Any feedback or input would of course be highly appreciated.
With your help we can make Netkiosk better for you and others.
4th June 2015
We have added some updates to Netkiosk Desktop Lock
The button images of program 1 to 5, including the task bar icons, will automatically change to your programs icons the first time you run your program. Netkiosk will save this image automatically.
We are working on an special version to only allow 1 or more programs inside Windows 7 and 8 and block all other program access.
22nd May 2015
A Brand new version of Netkiosk Desktop Lock has been released
We have listened to feedback from customers and have re-worked the way Netkiosk Desktop Lock opens programs.
This version is Windows 7 and Windows 8 compatible.
Improved program control and separate NetkioskAdvancedConfiguration.
We have focussed our attention on running programs in a secure locked down environment.
Document browser has been removed and extra features have been added.
Although some of the layout looks the same as the previous version.
The way Netkiosk control the opening of you program has been changed and improved.
You now have the option to check the running process name of your program before you add it to the program button(s)
When you run your program Netkiosk will automatically try to assign the process name to the admin panel.
The OSK has also been improved
You can instantly change the Button text to your own text (Should work in any language)
You can disable any options you do not want your user to access.
Netkiosk Standard is build in and is automatically included with all Netkiosk Desktop Lock installations.
If give access to Netkiosk Standard you need to make sure you enable the close button in Netkiosk Standard Admin Panel.
Please see the install help pages for Netkiosk Standard on how to do this.
You can download the latest version from our Download / Trial page.
Wednesday 22nd April 2015.
We have just completed an update to Netkiosk Standard.
Monday 30th March 2015
Netkiosk Standard has been completely updated.
A brand new touch screen keyboard with a Windows 8 look
Netkiosk Standard is now fully functional on all Windows 8 Tablets
The new OSK has a separate configuration scrreen where you can change the keyboard color, button color, button hover color,  and button pressed color.This allow you to change the Netkiosk OSK keyboard to suit your needs
Tuesday 10th March 2015.
The very latest version of Netkiosk-CS is almost ready.
We have also added two admin tools to the Download Trial page at the bottom.
These are handy little admin tools and are totally Free, even if you decide not to use Netkiosk.
We finally have completed some improvements to the website layout. And hope you like it.
We will continue to focus on adding more help pages and videos to the website.
Wednesday 25th February 2015
Netkiosk-CS Help and Support page has been updated.
Tuesday 24th February 2015
We have spotted a minor bug in Netkiosk Standard which happened when you tried to close Netkiosk while in Info Kiosk mode.
The downloads have been updated.
Tuesday 24th February 2015.
We have completed the changes to our website to allow for better navigation.
Any changes have been only to the front end layout of the website and have had no affect on the back end.
Monday 23rd February 2015
A new completely updated install and uninstall program has been added to the Trial
Thursday 29th January 2015
Netkiosk-CS Trial has been updated and made more flexible.
This allows you to fully test Netkiosk-CS
A new Netkiosk-CS Help PDF file has also been added.
A new whitelist program option has been integrated.
Netkiosk-CS now start with the whitelist option disabled by default.
You can enable and configure the white list option in Netkiosk-CS admin panel.